Top 7 tricks To Include Healthy Carbs in Daily Diet

healthy carbs

There are various terms associated with diet, healthy living, eating right. But the secret is that our whole system is created by the universe and has basic functioning. As a human being we just need to obey that nature and follow it. Any changes or alterations which are not adopted are harmful. The point being starting with basics is that, Carbohydrates r fats everything is needed by our body. Wat we do not need is excess of anything.

6 Things you must know About Proteins & Healthy diet

healthy dit and protein

Every nutrient has some role to play. Proteins are called as ‘building blocks’ of our health. Every cell in our body is made up of proteins. There are few misconceptions about proteins. Many believe taking high protein diet helps in many ways. Various gym goers and weight watchers go for protein supplements before knowing about it.

How to start living a Healthy Lifestyle

start healthy living

Health is a back bone of full filled and joyful life. In today’s time there are so many things which are affecting our lives. Healthy living is not a rocket science but bringing in small and simple changes in daily life. Health is mental, physical and social wellbeing. As per this definition every person aiming for healthy lifestyle should bring in changes in following aspect of life.

5 secrets To lose weight & get desired results in Just 21 days!

weight loss challenge

Is weight loss and losing extra ponds is on your mind?? Losing weight is need in today’s time Every second person is overweight or obese and has increased risk for further diseases in future.  More frustrating is that although you know losing weight is essential you do all possible efforts to lose weight. Right from strict calorie restriction to daily exercise everything you are doing. But still struggling to get desired results. When it comes to weight loss we focus on calories, protein, fast, exercise. But in real world it is not required.

13 Must Follow Habits For Healthy Bones


Bone health is vital for healthy living. Taking care of bone health is in your hand and it needs to follow few simple habits in daily life. The way you eat food, way you move around and spend time for exercise determines the bone health. Here are 16 habits to follow in daily life to ensure healthy bones in long run:

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