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dieting mistakes

Do you make these common dieting mistakes?

In every 10 people 4 claim to be on diet to lose weight or to manage blood sugar. In today’s time there is lot of information available on dieting and living healthy life. But still we do some mistakes in daily eating pattern and dieting. Healthy living is always associated with dieting. Read more

oats recipes

7 quick recipes of Oats for healthy living

Oats are good for Heart! People include oats for healthy living and it  is good in fiber and  thus helps in keeping cholesterol under control. We know these health benefits but still we get sick with usually oats porridge. Many people do not like oats porridge texture, then what??? You will not eat oats?? Nohh..that’s not the solution. Read more

3 days detox diet for everyone!

Detox diet is helpful if done in right manner . One can follow 3 days detox diet plan when feeling very low levels of energies or dull hair and skin. It should not be done by patients with diabetes, heart disease or pregnant ladies! Doing detox diet helps in many ways! Read more

pedicure at home

Who else wants to know about Pedicure at home

Today its time to have little girl talk! We all are stuck in busy schedule and find it difficult to manage time. As a professional working lady, home maker and a care taker for a family how do you find time for yourself? Well, it looks like its a common story for all us. But this time crunch should not keep us behind from looking good. Read more

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