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how to reduce bulging belly

6 Reasons You Still Have bulging Belly!

If you are trying to Lose weight or to be healthy, bulging belly is the biggest problem.  Many times I get questions related to bulging belly. I am following the healthy diet, still I am not able to take control of my bulging belly.

Here are  6 things  which contribute to your bulging belly. If you manage them in your daily diet and routine you can aim for reducing your waist size.

1. Sugary foods: Sugar is the biggest reason for bulging belly. If you are doing set of abs everyday, cut down your sugar consumption also. Cut down or stop sugar in your daily diet. This will start giving results in within weeks time. Remember you also consider hidden sources of Sugar like biscuits, cookies, processed food, juices etc. Consider this along with cutting back regular sugar.

2. Alcohol: if you have heard about bear belly it affects your waist size. excess alcohol consumption hampers fat loss. It will not metabolize stored fat in the body.

3. Trans fatty acids: These are Form of fatty found in  bakery foods. When liquid oil is converted to solid form trans fatty acids are formed. They are not good for heart, insulin activity etc. Causes accumulation of fat near belly area. So make sure your diet does not contain any of these. Every time you pick processed food, read its nutrition lable.

4. Lack of protein: Proteins help Satisfy your hunger. In Low protein diet, carbs intake is more. If you increase simple carbs as sugar or refunded flour it is accumulated as fat in the body. High protein diets keep you full for longer time. It also helps to  improve metabolism and the way you deal with other nutrients. Make sure you select good quality proteins in daily diet like egg whites, grilled chicken, lean fish, Milk, Soybean, pulses etc.

5. Unhealthy gut bacteria: Gut bacteria affects your immunity. unhealthy bacteria in gut accumulate fat and toxins in the body. Regular consumption of probiotic foods helps in maintaining gut flora.

6. Stress levels:  Cortisol is the hormone related to stress. if you have stressful life it will lead to obesity.  stress triggers over eating…may be it in unknowingly but it leads to empty calory consumption. this I the biggest reason for bulging belly. as it contributes to hormonal imbalance in the body.

Ramadan Fast, type 1 diabetes,

How to Have Healthy Fast during This Ramadan month for Diabetics?

Fasting during Ramadan is holy ritual. Any fast is best opportunity to detoxify body, Mind and soul. How and what you eat during this time affects a lot. If you follow healthy eating choices, you need not worry about it. Make sure you maintain your no of calories and protein rich foods during meal time.


For diabetics fasting is not recommended. This affects their blood sugar levels. Not eating for long can result in low levels or blood glucose. This is also known as hypoglycemia.  So, before starting this fast make sure you consult with your doctor about Insulin. Which type of insulin would be appropriate for this fasting phase. Here is a quick guide for Diabetics to follow during this Ramadan Fast:


Ramadan Fast, type 1 diabetes,

health benefits of nuts

6 Reasons To Include Nuts in Daily Diet

Nuts are nutrient rich. We all know that nuts provide protein and good fats. But there are many more health benefits when you eat nuts. They are best as snacks. Do you remember as a kid you used to get handful of cashew or raisins from granny. These nuts and dried fruits were used as reward foods. Cause they must be taken in less quantity. But are very powerful.

So, here are 6 big reasons you must start eating nuts on daily basis and reap its health benefits:

Quick reasons why you must include nuts in your daily diet..

1.  Help in weight loss. They are right h in Essential fatty acids and protein . They also contain same amount of fibre in its skin. Studies have shown regular consumption of nuts helps in losing weight. As you add them up in your snacks between lunch and dinner, there are less chances you will indulge on anything else. And its nutrients help you burn more fat.

2. Nuts help you control your hunger and appetite: Loaded with nutrients like protein, omega 3 fatty acids ; they trigger hormonal balance. These nutrients take longer time to digest. So you would not feel hungry very quickly after taking them. For anyone who has sugar cravings almonds is the best option. Its magnesium content helps you in managing cravings.

3. Eating nuts actually help you burn more calories : Nuts contain good fat. Instead of having high fat Milk products like cheese or high fat paneer go for nuts. They help you burn stored body fat. Also help in removing excess fat through gut.

4. Improve heart health: Consumption of Almonds and walnuts strengthens your heart. Fatty acid help you improve your cholesterol and triglyceride levels. They reduces further damage to your Heart.

5. Nuts help you look Younger : All nuts are loaded with micro nutrients like magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium etc. These nutrients are good for your skin. The help you eliminate toxins from the body. It also helps in lowering skin wrinkles. You must have seen many products contain walnut, almond oil in skin care products. Outer application is essential but if you include it in your diet, it helps you to nourish.

6. Help to lover sugar levels: Like carbohydrates, nuts do not release glucose instantly . If nuts taken during snacks time, help manage blood sugar levels. It also help you to improve insulin function in the body.

Next make a smart move and go nutty way. Add up feastful of nuts for healthy skin, less wrinkles and improved fat loss.  Don’t just  stick to almond and walnut but also include pistachios, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts etc.

5 Steps To Create your Own Meal Plan and Start losing Weight On your Own

“A Practical and Quick way to Help you take control of what you eat and Lose Weight”

Imagine if you have remote control to manage your WEIGHT! You eat what you want, enjoy food and still lose weight. Reach to Dream WEIGHT and thereon maintain this. You go and get everything which will help you losing weight. Do not depend on what Weight loss products, adds and supplements are saying.

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As this remote control is in your hand no one can stop you from losing weight. So, how exactly you can do this? You can do this with our latest course which will help you *”Create Your Own Meal Plan In Quick and Easy Ways”*.  This self paced course will help you:


  1. Start losing weight from today.
  2. Select foods as per your desire and know why you are eating those.
  3. Eat just as much you need to eat. You have unique portion requirements than anyone else.
  4. Achieve your bigger weight loss goals
  5. Do it all your self and have control.



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Using create your meal plan steps you will be able to take control of what you eat. At the same time start losing weight. Develop positive relationship with your food.


Stop wasting your time, effort and energy on quick fix weight loss products. Healthy diet and balanced meals with regular exercise helps in losing weight. As you getting daily tips to lose weight, apply those in daily life.


Wishing you abundant health and well being!


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legumes, type 2 diabetes

How Legumes help you Lower Blood Sugar levels in Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a condition here dietary changes helps a lot. In todays time we talk a lot about carbs, fiber and high protein diets. Recently few studies suggests increasing legumes consumption may help you take control of Diabetes. Here is quick guide for you to increase legumes intake and take control of blood sugar levels:

  1. Whole pulses, Moong, chickpea, lima beans, alfa alfa sprouts, lentils , Rajmah etc. are beneficial legumes.
  2. They are rich in B complex vitamins. B vitamins help release energy.
  3. These legumes are rich in calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. These minerals are good for bone health and metabolism. They also affect insulin resistance and sensitivity.
  4. These pulses fall under low glycemic foods. It means they release glucose slowly.
  5. Pulses also contain some amount of carbs. So, they are good to be consumed alone (it helps to control blood sugar levels effectively).



5 Ways To Keep Yourself Energetic During Rising Mercury

Its already a month of April and rising mercury is taking a toll on our head. Very first effect of increasing heat on our body is ‘you feel drained out”. Not only kids but elderly people also feel tired and drained out during summers. Only ting behind this is dehydration!

You might think I drink enough water! During summers water is lost in the form of sweat. At the same time you lose electrolytes. Loss of electrolytes makes you feel low, low on energy, drained out, sleepy and tired. For kids also it is essential to maintain electrolytes and keep hydrated. If you are in sun for few hours of the day make sure you keep your self hydrated.

How to keep your self hydrated during this summer:

  1. Drink enough water during day time: Make sure you drink enough water before leaving home or office. Follow this specially during noon time. Usually If you are drinking 3 lit water increase it further by half a lit on daily basis.

  1. Add up electrolytes; Electrolytes such as sodium and potassium are essential. Drink juices which are rich in electrolytes. Juices like fresh coconut water, lemon water, mint water, etc. are helpful.

  1. Don’t load up sugar: drinking sugary drinks will leave you thirsty. Adding lot of sugar to your summer drinks leads to dehydration. You will not be able to satisfy your thirst. Keep your sugar intake to 2 tsp per day. Even adding honey is not a smart way.

  1. Include fresh fruits which are rich in water: Water melon, musk melon are summer fruits. Include them during your day time. When you are hungry try to eat these fruits. They will replenish your electrolytes and water loses. Cucumber, onion also help during summers. These vegetables help in keeping cool.

  1. Limit intake of pickles, spicy and fried food; These foods leave you dehydrated. You feel thirsty after consuming them. Limit their intake during afternoon time. Replace them with curd, butter milk and yogurts (less sugar).

These are easy and doable tips. Discuss them with your family and make sure kids also follow these.

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