Fruits and vegetables

10 Fruits And Vegetables Are Great To Have This Summer

“Sand and Sun, Summer has begun!”

Yes, summers are around the corner, and we are already feeling the rising temperatures. You can’t ask the sun to shine a little lesser but you definitely can try out this DUS KA DUM, power packed fruits and veggies that are sure to make your summer, a super summer.

Cucumber: It contains 99% of water, which keeps the body refreshed and cool. It is also a great source of Vitamin c, Potassium, Silica. You can add it to your sandwich or salad, or take out its juice and drink a glassful. You can even apply it on your skin, it’s the best toner.

Watermelon: It’s refreshing because of its high water content. Watermelon also helps you to prevent weight gain as it takes most of the part of your stomach and YO YO, you feel less hungry, lesser calorie intake and a beach-ready bikini body. How well does this sound?

Lemon: This is a miraculous vegetable or fruit, however, you may put in. It is a great source of vitamin C. Lemon sodas, lemon water, green tea infused with lemon or anything and everything that has a lemon to it is great for you. It keeps the body hydrated, lowering the body temperature and you feel less hot. It also helps fight sunburn

Mint: It not only is good for blood formation in body but is also great for maintaining water content in the body. Mint can be added to lemonades or curd or add mint to your favorite parantha. Mint chutney is a must have this summer. It not only ignites your taste buds but is also great for your health.

Bitter gourd: It lowers the sugar level, maintains immunity, is good for your tired eyes, cleanses the liver and what not.

Melons: Muskmelons, dessert melons, sun-kissed melons; all are good for you. They are a high source of water.

Onions: You may despise their smell but they are storehouses of Vitamin C and A and quercitin. They also lower the production of bad cholesterol protects the body against sun strokes and helps to thin blood as well.

Tomatoes: They help flush out toxins from body besides contain 98% water.

Lettuce: Lettuce leaves are also stored houses of water. They are low in calorie but rich in Omega fats.

Bottle Gourd: Loki, gheya or bottle guard contains. Being high on water content it helps fight fatigue. It makes the most yummies raita.

Grab a glass of Pina colada or lime soda, wear your flip flop, bathe in your sunscreen lotions, glam up with a hat or a shade and you are good to go with these summer friendly veggies and fruits to take care of your belly.

“So go out and get tanned, Tan will fade off, But memories shall last you forever.”

Healthy Habits

7 Habits That Can Affect Your Health

It is said HEALTH IS WEALTH, PRESERVE IT. But in our busy schedule, we often negate this important fulcrum, health, on which our very life stands.  Habits form part of ourselves and we find it difficult to understand if a particular habit is bad for your health. But if something goes wrong with your health, you need to introspect your habits. Something somewhere is wrong.

Are you the one who is finding it hard to identify the habit that is taking a toll on your health? Then this one is for you, especially.

Here is a list of seven habits that we need to give up to be a healthy individual.

Skipping breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day which one should never skip. Not having breakfast slows the metabolism rate. This also makes you eat more of lunch and dinner. If in hurry one can munch on dry fruits and a banana while on way to office or college.

Smoking: Nicotine in cigarettes is bad not just for your brain but it impairs every body part over a span of time. Every puff is fatal. The nicotine kick may take you to another world but it’s also taking your world away from you.


Watching too much television: Idle and nothing to do, television is what we all end up watching. While TV is a source of entertainment, it can also make you over think and you may end in depression. We munch on snacks and our whole attention is glued to television we forget to take count of how much we are eating.

Drinking too often: While some alcohol, if taken in moderation like the red wine is good for health. But making drinking an everyday affair not only makes gulp too many extra calories but also has effects on liver and heart.

Sedentary lifestyle: While our lifestyle has changed and we do majority things seated at one place, it too tends to affect our health. Some form of physical exercise is necessary to keep our body healthy.

Snacking on fast food too often: Though we all have craving for burgers, pizza, pasta, but that needs to be checked and balanced. Fast food contains trans and unsaturated fat that is not at all healthy for our heart. Our body not only puts on weight and but becomes hosts to many diseases.

Taking too many medicines: Gulping a medicine for each and every minor ailment to invites dangers. Every medicine does have a side effect which we overlook. One should only take medicine when advised by a doctor.

Unintentionally you are causing harm to your health. Avoid these habits at the earliest. Your health is not just important to you but your near and dear ones also. Take away the habits from your life before these habits take away your health from your life. Sometimes giving away is good, like these habits. Shun them!



7 Habits That You Should Adopt In Your Routine For A Healthy Life

Being healthy is not fashion, It is the  necessity of life.

A healthy lifestyle is important to live a long life. As life expectancy is decreasing in India, it becomes essential to make a change in our daily routine and follow a holistic approach towards life. Your body is your temple, worship it. The biggest worship of our body is to inculcate healthy routine. Here is a list of seven simple habits that one should adopt in your daily routine for a healthy life.

Exercise daily: Be it aerobic exercise, a dance of salsa, thirty minutes brisk walk, or lifting dumbbells, some exercise is essential for everyone. Exercise makes the body healthy by pumping more blood to the heart due to better circulation.

Say no to fatty food: Avoid oily food and aerated drinks. Substitute your diet with baked and roasted food rather than deep fried.  Include more fruits and green vegetables in your diet. Instead of chips and colas much on salads and juices. Remember YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT, so beware, DO NOT BE A SAMOSA.

Take sound sleep: Put all thoughts to end, and enjoy a calm sleep. Eight hours of sound sleep is essential. Avoid sleeping late at night. Refrain from using your cell phone just before going to bed. Avoid sleeping late at night.


Stay positive: Positive approach in the life will help you a lot to stay fit. Always stay positive. Never let negative things hold you back.

Work on a hobby: Everyone has a hobby- a hidden desire, an unpolished talent or an artistic mind. Pursue your hobby. Doing what pleases us makes us a happier person.

Drink loads of water: Time and again we read about drinking water but we sulk. Water is the best medicine. It is a zero calorie drink. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water, preferably at room temperature. Where water does not cleanse the inside of our body, it also gives a glow to your skin.

Cut down on alcohol and smoking: Though alcohol and smoking are often said to be anti-depressants.  They have a bad effect on health. Try reducing their intake and eventually with time you can give over smoking and drinking.

Live fully, Eat healthy, Smile generously, Think positive, Dance merrily, Love heart full, Do good to all and feel good. It’s your life make it count.

“Take care of your body, It’s the only place you live in.”

Happy Women’s Day 2017

Lets celebrate this women’s day with adopting something new. breakthrough our fears, sorrow and all limitations. There is only way to make it happy to help yourself. Check these quotes by Indian Women on this women’s Day.

Top Quotes By Indian woman

Happy Women’s Day 2017

Lets celebrate this women’s day with adopting something new. breakthrough our fears, sorrow and all limitations. There is only way to make it happy to help yourself. Check these quotes by Indian Women on this women’s Day.

Top Quotes By Indian woman

healthy eating habits for kids

9 Golden rules for parents to ensure healthy eating habits for kids

healthy eating habits for kids Being a mother of pre-schooler I understand your concern. Every parent I meet these days have concern for kids health. This concern is basically for kids eating habits and overall growth. Kids are gaining weight but not growing up. Commonly it is seen that kids poor eating habits are affecting their overall performance.

Here are 10 golden rules for parents to follow to ensure kids adopt healthy eating habits:

  1. 1. Be a role model: – Right after birth kids are learning basic habits from you. you as a parent need to role model for your kid. It is true in every aspect. May it be fitness, sports, reading or eating food. Help your child by adopting healthy habit yourself. Eg. – Eat vegetable which you hate most. You might not relish it but can eat one serving.
  2. Make meal time fun time: – This is very important. When kids start eating food in their initial months, make eating time a fun time. Avoid discussions about their negative behaviour, mistakes they did etc. Create positive environment. Make sure whole family eats meals together.
  3. Try different forms : – In initial time kids might not like certain types of food. Offer them in different forms. Example – kid might not like eating carrot salad, but he will enjoy carrot paratha.
  4. Stop labelling him / her : – Keep offering variety of foods. Do not label them saying – she does not like xxx. They are always listening to you. If you accept this they will make you accept it every time. Educate them about basic health benefits. This will help in changing the behaviour.
  5. Prepare a week’s plan: -As you are a busy mom, planning will make your life easier. Growing kids have their own demands. To manage this make your own meal plan for week. Balance out your lunch and dinner. Be prepared for evening snacks. This avoids probability of hunger pangs. Even you will not be tempted for junk during hunger pangs.
  6. Involve kids in planning: – Any planning you do, involve them. Make them part of your decision making. This gives lot of confidence to them.Let them get a chance to place their favourite dish in the plan.
  7. Dedicated meal for junk food: – You can keep one meal in a week as free meal. It can be eating out, ice cream, pizza or burger. This will help you most! Why you would be worried, if you know kids are eating healthy all the time. They deserve this break.
  8. Stick to your words: once you have your plan ready do not compromise. Ask them to place it in their planner. They can compromise somewhere. If they know you are firm on your words they will not repeat it.
  9. Store only healthy foods at home: May it be cake, biscuits or snacks item. Store healthy options. This will not leave a room open for unhealthy food.
  10. There is no wonder pill, all you have to do is balance out the things: many parents do ask for any medicine or supplement for kids. Food is our best medicine. Make sure you offer them balanced diet. They will adopt it on their own.

Kids health is totally in your hand. Giving them best choices is what you can do. But in todays demanding life parents hardly get time to sit and plan it. To make is more easy and adoptable, I have designed a ‘Quick Meal Plan for Families”. This meal plan is for parents and kids. Meal wise food options ensure you get all essential nutrients throughout the day. Small and frequent meals help kids manage energy levels.

Quick Meal Plan for Families” is exclusively designed keeping Indian culture in mind. You will find balance in healthy food and meals. It is available at just Rs. 500 whereas original cost is 2500. This is a special discount for you. If you want to avail this plan, ping me on 9971828043. Mention your kids age in your message to get appropriate plan.

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