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How did Smriti Met Her Weight loss Goal in 6 months?

Today I have a story to share with you. Very special story.

In my routine practice Smriti approached me for her weight loss struggle. Being in late 20s she was career aspirant and New home maker. Her stressfull work left her no room for cooking and exercising. Since her childhood she was on bulky side. Various times she gave up on her weight loss efforts for reasons. Some times it was no time for exercise, some times it was FOOD. This time she was completed prepared to lose weight and be on her ideal no on weighing scale.

Understanding her situation we started with a basic plan. She started taking out 20 mins in the morning for her workout + 20 mins for cooking. We sta down and actually found out healthy recipes which will help her. Her weekly plans helped her to Plan her week.

In first week it self she lost 700gram which was biggest boost for her. She continued in her 2nd and 3rd week with another 2 kg weight loss. Within these 3 weeks she changed only 3 things:

  1. Continuous food planning as per her routine and requirements ( BMR and working routine)
  2. Started with 20 mins exercise (It helped her as she was not active at all).
  3. Improving fiber intake. As a strategy we started with high fiber diet from 2nd week.

After 6 weeks she lost 3.5 kg. and weight was stuck. That’s the time she started getting hyper. Her concern was – why she is not able to change this now ? By this time she was @ 67Kg. Her target was still long way. Her ideal weight was 55, which was long way for her.

In following 3-4 weeks we made changes in Diet and exercise again. This time it was little tough:

  1. Exercise time was extended to 40 mins from 20 min. (20 Morning+ 10 Lunch time + 10 min in the evening)
  2. High protein foods: Her protein intake was improved. We changed the nos.

So on she went on to her weight loss journey over 20 weeks. She lost almost 6 kg and was at 60 kg. By this time Smriti was most healthy, active and productive. Besides weight loss she experienced better sin health, good textured hair and improved mental balance. Her work performance was also improved. Now she was not distracted with her Weight. Every time she was able to focus on her performance.

Moral of the story is every person has some or the other stumbling blocks for weight loss. But you need to accept one thing, only you can help your self. Experts are there to guide you. Whats your concern about weight loss? Whats stopping you from being healthy? You can share it here:


Quick 5 tips to Boost Your metabolism

Whatever food we are eating that gets digested. Where does food is digested, and time taken to digest is very important. This is known as metabolism. Usually have higher metabolism. Whereas fat people have slower metabolism.  Mean when they eat food it takes time to digest. That’s why they consume less number of calories. To lose weight it is very essential have high metabolism. So it helps in burning more calories. The result you lose body weight.

Here are 7 tips to help you and Boost Your metabolism:

  1. Make your meals protein based: Our diet is cereal based. Since our childhood we learned, that cereals are our staple food. I want to boost metabolism add, change this. Add more protein in every meal.
  1. Drink cold water: Drink water 15 mins before your meals. It’s well result in eating less food. If you drink cold water it will further improve your metabolism. Body burns calories to change the temperature. Pending on whether we can drink cold water.
  1. Exercise in daily routine: List of things while moving here and there. It give some work for your muscles. Also help in improving muscle mass. also learn about Intensity workout. Will help in increasing metabolism.
  1. Stand up for the longest time: If you are interested job and you need it. Setting is like smoking. It slows you down. It’s your calories. So make use of standing desk.
  1. Get enough sleep: Sleeping for less than 7 hours hampers overall health. It changes the way food is metabolized in our body. Also cause some hormonal changes. To get 7 to 8 hours of good sleep.

Start following this quick tips from today. Improve your metabolism. Improve the way food is digested in your body. You will automatically start losing weight.

oatmeal booster plan

Oat Meal Booster Plan

Oats are very healthy. They help you control cholesterol levels, they help you manage blood sugar levels. Including oats in daily diet is healthy. But it is very boring if you stick to simple oats porridge every day. Many people give up on oats. They start hating tasteless dull porridge every time.

I have a quick and tasty solution for you- Oats meal booster plan. This is a week’s plan with more than 25 oats recipes. Oats are rich in fiber. Thus it helps your heart to keep fit. It also affects your blood sugar levels positively.

Recent studies suggest consuming oats help in improving health benefits. At the same time if other components of tehe diet are managed. Example: – you start your day with oats porridge and gulp a cup of coffee just after that. This will hinder your nutrients absorption in intestine. Oatmeal Booster plan will guide you throughout the day. Which foods to include in breakfast, lunch, snacks etc. You should not overlook nutrients coming from oats:

 Half cup of oats are filled with:

  • Phosphorus: 41% of the RDI.
  • Manganese: 191% of the RDI.
  • Magnesium: 34% of the RDI.
  • Copper: 24% of the RDI.
  • Iron: 20% of the RDI.
  • Zinc: 20% of the RDI.
  • Folate: 11% of the RDI.
  • Vitamin B1 (thiamin): 39% of the RDI.
  • Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid): 10% of the RDI

All these nutrients are essential to boost your immunity, heart health and bone health. Quality of fiber present in oats is very helpful. They are called as beta glucan which helps in removing toxins from body. Include oats in daily diet to reap these benefits.

 This plan is apt for you if you are struggling with:


Frequent indigestion 

Hunger pangs 

Cravings for sweets or junk food 

Mood swings (magnesium present in oats will quick off your mood swings within one week) 

Feeling low energy at the end of the day 

Working out but not able to lose weight 

Trying to control cholesterol levels 

Managing diabetes with medication 

 This one weeks plan contains special oats recipes. You will get meal wise diet plan to follow from Monday to Saturday. You can also repeat this plan for several times.

This week Oatmeal Booster Plan is on cards is available for you at Rs 750 . You can request for your copy here or ping me on whats app 09971828043 to know more.

oatmeal booster plan

How oats can help you in improving digestion and boost health in just 7 days!

Healthy and good for heart. I am sure you know this fact. Oat are good to improve digestion also. It is very important to have good digestion. If your digestive system is sluggish and working slowly, it affects your work, level of concentration, physical activity etc.

Fibre is good for health. It held in proper exemption of nutrients. Fibrous foods and not digested in our intestine. Many eat food is fibrous foods reached in intestine. The band with excess sugar, fat, cholesterol. And remove them from our body.

Are a good source of fibre. Approximately 100 gram old provide 11 grams of fibre. In a day women should consume 25 grams and men must take 36 gm of fibre. There are two types of fibre, when is soluble and another is insoluble fibre. Soluble fibre bikes with water and forms soft gel. You can have cable fibre when you have loose motions. Ripped Banana, cooked Apple, guava contain soluble fibre.

Insoluble fibre actually works as broom. Its threads absorb water. Carry it till the gut area. Help in removing all the unwanted material. It contain soluble and insoluble fibre. I t’s mainly known as beta glucan. Oats contain resistant starch.

Including just one cup of oats porridge in a day, will help you to give your fibre intake. It is basically a combination of fiber. In excreting toxins, sugar, cholesterol. So it helps in improving your nutrient absorption also.

Improve digestion helps a lot in managing acidity. Basically, constipation problem is released. So your body start secreting letter said and other hormones. It works on food which were eating. It also helps in regulating your energy level. You Feel good and energetic throughout the day.

I know it is difficult to include Spanish in daily diet. There are other ways to include oats. You can make delicious oats recipes interest 15 to 20 minutes. And all this will help you in getting more and more healthier. You can get all this under Oat Meal health booster Plan. This plan covers more than 20 years recipes. Beef recipes are tried and tested. To know more you can ping me on 9971828043.

21 Days Weight Loss Challenge

21 Day Weight Los Challenge involved 3 weeks active program for all the participants. Following are details how it will work?

Week1: Detox diet plan. In first 4-5 days we start with detox diet plan. This enables your system to absorb nutrients properly, remove toxins from body, improve sleep and digestion. As a result of this process you also feel light, energetic and enthusiastic.

Week 2: – based on recent studies and researchers have identified few foods which cause food intolerance. We avoid consuming these foods. But then question remains what to eat and drink during this period. This week contains specialised diet plan. Few food items you might have not tasted yet or will have not buy. Keeping stock of these foods will help you keep going.

Week 3: – We reintroduce foods which were eliminated from week 1 and 2. On daily basis you need to record changes you get. Example after adding any particular food you might feel bloated, heavy, constipated or even changes in skin texture. Such foods still needs to be avoided. You can try and add the again after 3 months.

*Completing this 3 weeks programs to get following results*

  1. Get rid of sugar craving
  2. Take control of your health – blood sugar levels, weight, digestion related issues
  3. Find out which foods help you stay healthy.
  4. Find out which foods affect your health negatively.
  5. Take control of your hunger pangs .
  6. Manage high energy levels throughout the day.
  7. Get glowing clear skin just in 3 weeks.

*All this is available @just Rs 1500*. Get online support. Get tips and quick assistance on small queries. Do all this with like mind minded people.



I am Nutritionist Divya help people making healthy food choices, live healthy life and lead disease free journey. You can ping me on whatsapp 9971828043 to join this program. We are starting on this Sunday 26th November 2016. Revert to this message saying yes I want to join.


Cholesterol diet plan, Lower cholesterl

30 Days Cholesterol Buster Program

When we say word cholesterol it comes with misconception. What you know about cholesterol is that it is bad. But it is not like that. Human body is unique. Everything has some purpose and role to play. Cholesterol plays important role in hormone creation in our body. In case this cholesterol is high than normal values creates health problems.

Increased cholesterol levels increases risk for heart diseases. Recent studies suggest person having 240 mg cholesterol levels have 20 % higher risk for heart attacks.


Cholesterol comes from diet and also is produced in our body. Foods like eggs, red meal, whole milk contains more amount of cholesterol. This contribute to 20 % of cholesterol levels. Remining is produced in liver. This is affected by what kind of food you eat, exercise you do, amount of saturated fat your eat and processed you consume. So, changing your food habits and lifestyle can help you manage cholesterol levels.

To make this easy and doable for you we have designed a 30 days Cholesterol Burst Program. This program helps you:

  1. Reduce cholesterol levels by 20 % in first 30 days.
  2. Further you can reduce 20% in following 30 days.
  3. Help you make right food choices.
  4. Gives insights on selecting your fitness program.
  5. Bring in real life style change to strengthen your heart.

You get a 30 days meal plan routine to follow. Select vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal plan. Start following this. Add daily exercise to burn 150 Kcal. Check your cholesterol and triglyceride levels in 30 days.

This program can help you, your mother, father, parent or friend. Small changes – daily and consistently helps in getting the results. All this is available just at Rs 1000 instead of 2000. This is special offer for our Facebook and whats family. You can avail this limited time offer. I am Nutritionist Divya love helping people make healthy food choices and lead healthy life. To enrol for this program you can revert to this message (whats app: 9971828043).

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