diabetes myths

Top 6 Myths About Diabetes & Fact Of The Matter

Diabetes is a condition where diet and lifestyle matters a lot. There are many misconceptions about diabetes and Diet. People feel they can eat desserts, they need to leave eating their favorite food, but it is not like that. Check following 6 myths about diabetes which are keeping you away from healthy living. Get whats the fact of matter for these myths.

diabetes myths

essential supplements to manage hypothyroidsm

Essential Supplements To Manage Hypothyroidism

hypothyroidism is a condition where metabolism slows down. As a result person gains weight. This leads to obesity with multiple health concerns. Here are essential supplements which will help you in managing hypothyroidism. Include them in daily routine. Maintain healthy diet with regular exercise.


Quick Steps To Control Gout Naturally

Quick Steps To Control Uric Acid Naturally:

Increased uric acid levels cause small joint pain. Few people can not metabolise proteins properly. this results in increased levels of Uric acid. If this is not excreted from the body it is stored in crystals form near small joints. This causes inflammation, joint pain  and irritation. Here are quick steps to control your Gout pain or Increased uric acid levels naturally.


Quick 5 steps to manage your cholesterol levels

Increase cholesterol levels actually affect your heart health. There are instant studies showing that small changes in that will help you in managing cholesterol levels. People also have various misconceptions to include and avoid. For example few people feel, avoiding eggs will help in managing cholesterol. Which is not a hundred percent true.

Here are Quick 5 steps which help you managing cholesterol levels:


  1. Add lots of Omega 3 in your diet: If you are vegetarian make sure to include flaxseed almond and walnut. Anonymous people must include at least 3 times a week. Add krill oil to your diet. Please help during cholesterol.
  1. Stop sugary foods: Sugar starch and Simple carbohydrates increase cholesterol levels. Stop having everything which contains corn syrup, maple syrup, sugar, sucrose aspartame, starch, refine flowers etc. Basically stop having all processed foods.
  1. Include raw food in every meal: Its Include salad, vegetables and fruits. Add vegetable in everyday diet. Make sure the following foods are there in your daily diet:

Olive oil

coconut oil

Low fat dairy foods


Walnut, almonds, Peanuts

  1. Stop smoking; if you smoke or have second hand smoking hazard, stop that! It is no other way around. This will immediately help you in increasing your HDL cholesterol levels.
  1. Limit for Alcohol consumption: Limit alcohol consumption for drinks week. Females should consider even lower amounts.

Exercise is backbone of healthy life. Irrespective of above things make sure you are physically active everyday. Make sue of these quick tips and take control of your cholesterol levels.

reasons for increased cholesterol

6 Reasons Why You Have Increased Cholesterol Levels

Increase cholesterol is not good for your heart. Having high cholesterol levels for longer time causes blockages in artery. Does the simple reason why you need to control your cholesterol levels. If you lost report sure that you are HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) is less than 40 then you must read this post. Even if your total cholesterol is more than 180, it is considered as high cholesterol.

What exactly causes and leads to increased cholesterol levels? Here is an explanation to your question:

  1. Saturated fat: Saturated fat is mainly present in animal food sources suggest a chicken, egg, red meat, milk butter etc. Including too much saturated fat in daily diet results in increased cholesterol levels. Vegetable Vines 50 coconut oil, palm oil, are used extensively and processed food. This also leads to increased cholesterol levels.


  1. Your weight: Increased weight results in accumulation of fat near belly. This is the first risk factor for heart diseases. If you have recently gained weight, it is the reason for increased cholesterol also.


  1. Activity level: Physical activity is essential. Not doing exercise affects your heart health also. It basically affects your metabolism. The way nutrients are absorbed in our body is also affected.


  1. Your age and gender: Men in 30 hour more prone to have increase cholesterol levels. Where are the females near Menopause tend to have increase cholesterol levels.


  1. Family history for increased cholesterol: Your risk for increased levels increases if you have your mother, father, brother, are grandparents who had heart diseases. If you have family history for increased cholesterol make sure you follow healthy diet and activity pattern to prevent for the damage.


  1. Smoking: Active or passive smoking effects of good cholesterol levels.


Reasons reasons which contribute cholesterol. You can definitely bring change in your diet and activity pattern. This is totally in your hand and you can prevent damage to your health.

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Glucometer for diabetes

7 Daily Habits Leading You to Diabetes In Shortest Time

Diabetes is a silent killer. Daily food choices affect insulin secretion. Unknowingly it creates hormonal imbalance. India is a hub for diabetes. Food habits are changed. Stressful lifestyle puts additional pressure in this. Daily food habits affect

Here are 7 daily food habits which will lead you to Diabetes in Shortest time:

  1. Skipping meals: Yes skipping meals affect insulin secretion. When you do not eat for longer duration body secrets hormones to maintain blood sugar levels. And find it difficulty in maintaining balance.
  2. Over eating at dinner: Our body digests food better in the morning. Over eating at night will spike your insulin levels. To digest heavy food body needs to work. Whole when you are active it can digest food. Keep a gap of 2 hours between meal time and bed time.
  3. Depending on sugar substitutes: including sugar substitute affects health negatively. Taking too much artificial sweetener is not good. It has cancer causing agent.  Diet soda and sweetener actually impose other health hazards rather than preventing the disease.
  4. Empty calories: Empty calories come from canned juice, cold drinks beverages etc. They do not provide essential nutrients like vitamins / minerals. That’s why they are called as empty calories. They just contain sugar. The amount of sugar coming from these products is too high. Consuming such foods for longer duration causes diabetes. This leads to Type 2 diabetes.
  5. Hidden sugar: Hidden sugar is present in sauces, ketchup, biscuits, cream crackers etc. Again they are rich in sugar and refined flour. It does not contain essential vitamin and minerals.
  6. No activity : no exercise, no activity leads to obesity and diabetes. Doing sitting job for longer than 6 hours increases risk for diabetes. When there is no exercise, food which is consumed is stored  as fat in the body. Every time body secrets more insulin to digest this and generate energy.
  7. Stressful lifestyle: Menta and physical stress affects hormonal balance. Stress causes excess hormone secretion. These are hormones which work in fight or flight situation. They make you excited and may result in rush or mental pressure. If this pattern is followed for yrs then it results in diseases.

It is in your hand to take control of such situation. If you are following anyone of the above habits, do change it today.

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