Living Healthy From Inside!

Today’s competitive and hectic lifestyle has made peace and time a luxury among people. Right from the appearance of sun rays in the sky to sun set, there is always so much to do on a person’s plate that he/she is left with no energy at the end of the day to find time out for his/her hobbies or entertainment. It is due to these reasons that people are now going back to the old times and adopting practices and ways of living healthy inside out. Read more

Navratri Fast in Healthy Way

Today is the first day of Navratri. Navratri is the festival celebrated in all over India. Right from south India to West India every where it is celebrated in enthusiasm and pleasure. This traditional pooja for goddess brings happiness, prosperity and livelihood in everyone’s life. Read more

Manage your Money to Manage your Stress !

Money management is a very challenging exercise and if not done properly, could lead to imbalance in your monthly budget. Hence, one must learn the tricks and ways to manage finances in order to avoid getting stressed because of it. Whether you are a working person or a non-working homemaker, finance management is something that you must be fully acquainted about. Read more

Top 10 Exercises On Busy Routine

If you are looking for a way to lose weight quickly and effectively, there is a probability that you will hear about countless weight-loss pills, diet plans and weight loss recipes and shakes that will claim to get you rid of that excess fat in no time. But, in 95% of cases, these methods will disappoint you without any positive results.The traditional ways of losing fat are still the most hit ones if one wants to lose weight in a no side-effect way. The top 10 exercises to complete on go are-

Read more

Benefits of Getting Travel Insurance

Traveling frequently can be a fun for one person whereas same thing can be risky for your health. Travel insurance can offer a buffet of benefits to save your loss. There can be health issue, emergency, expense which can affect your travel cost. Insurance companies are offering many benefits for frequent travelers overseas or within the country. Read more

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