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How worrying too much about your health has bad effect in long term..

Do you often worry about your health status? Are you concerned about your recent blood report which are negative- with such as that your sugar is high cholesterol is increased my blood pressure is not as per the range. Wearing more about health increases your risk for heart diseases.

Many times we see people who are healthy but still complain for small small things. The take medicines with still do not feel better. All the doctor suggest that he is fine, they are not satisfied with it. The keep on trying something or other to be healthy. But still there and shit about being healthy. This kind of behavior affects your hormonal changes. This also put pressure on your heart and blood circulation. Search behavior is called as health anxiety.

How can you know if you have health anxiety?

1. You monitor your body closely

2. you miss interprets your reports on symptoms on your own.

3. Basic symptoms having fear of developing some severe disease.

4. You switch doctor and therapy frequently.

5. Small sentence of aches and pains cause big reason of worry.

6. Your problem is serious then doctor has found it.

What happens if you have health anxiety?

Basically it affects your heart health. It increases your heart diseases raised by 70%. It also increases day-to-day aches and pains like migraine, headache, feeling fear, pessimism etc. Invisible English negative thoughts.

How can you control or prevent health anxiety?

Being mindful about things help in health anxiety. Can a doctor simple tips and practices to be mindful. Deep breathing exercises help you in slowing down. Even doing daily exercise cardio training, strength training helps in managing emotional balance.

Whenever you see a negative report, talk to you in there once. Discuss your concerns with doctor. Bringing Lifestyle modification to balance.

5 tips to improve your gut bacteria and boost immunity

To digest food our intestine have healthy bacteria. Kind of diet follow on daily basis effect this micro flora. Bacteria helper us in proving absorption for certain nutrients. These nutrients help you in boosting your immediate and keeping in good health. If there are bad bacteria that affect your health negatively. This load on nutrient absorption, hamper your hormonal levels and overall health. Entrance only few foods can help you in improving good bacterias. here are 5 tips to improve your gut bacteria and Boost Your immunity:


  1. Have variety of food: First thing is to control consumption of processed food. Processed food like Bakery products, biscuit, bread, pizza, pasta, aeriated beverages etc. 400000 in nutrients and fibre. They also kill good bacteria in our intestine. So it can lead to infection and frequent illnesses. And variety of fresh food. Include at least 2 fresh fruit and 3 fresh vegetables in a daily diet. Fibre coming from these things help you in removing bad bacteria. Few food like coriander, curry leaves, Tulsi, green leafy vegetables, amla, I good.


  1. Get benefit from fermented food: Fermented foods contain lactobacillus. Food such as curd, Idli batter, dosa batter are good. Only make sure there not fermented for long time. Fermentation for few hours is helpful. Add curd or buttermilk in your daily diet. Before adding flavoured yoghurt, make sure it is not rich in sugar and added preservatives.


  1. Reduce the consumption of sugar artificial sweeteners: Studies have shown that consuming lot of sugar affect your blood gut microflora negatively. It promotes growth of bad bacteria. Daily you can consume 2 to 3 spoons of sugar. If you’re taking more than that this, it is considered as increased sugar consumption.


  1. Increase consumption of probiotics: Probiotics are foods which improve good bacteria in intestine. Probiotics are helpful in irritable bowel syndrome, infectious diseases, managing insulin levels, few skin diseases, oral health etc. Probiotic foods such as yogurt, kefire, pickles, temphe etc are good. There is also something known as resistance starch. Include cooked rice pasta to get benefits from resistance starch.


  1. Add polyphenols in your daily diet: Polyphenols are plant compounds. You can get from red wine, berries, almonds, onions, garlic, broccoli, greentea etc. The improve good bacteria in our intestine.

Implementing this thing will eventually help you in boosting your immunity. Make sure this is followed with healthy diet. Let me know if you have any query based on above tips, we can discuss here.

10 kg weight loss challenege

10 kg Weight Loss Challenge

Are you ready to bring your dream to reality and be at your ideal body weight? If yes then you are at right place. This post will help you in achieving your dream just in 12 weeks. Losing weight and being healthy is not a rocket science. It is all about consistency, selecting healthy foods and regular exercise. If you combine all these three things together you will reach to your goal.

Every journey has pits and fall, so weight loss has. Right changes in diet will help you to boost fat loss. Lose fat, improve muscle mass. This will not only help you lose weight and look great but will boost your energy levels, confidence and overall performance.

*This challenge is not for everyone. If you are determined for your health goal then only go for it. For coming 12 weeks you will be dedicating you’re eating habits, food choices for better health. Irrespective of your work schedule, travel schedule we make it happen within 12 weeks. Every week your challenge will be to lose 1 kg. At the end of 12 weeks you can drop min 10 kg*.

I am not referring to any trick or weight loss medicine. It is purely based on right diet and exercise. Every week you get personalised diet plan and exercise plan. You need to follow it thoroughly. Update me at the end of the day. Weekly update your stats and track weekly progress.

This program is conducted online. Your sessions are scheduled on skype. You will be connected with me over what app and update me here on your daily progress.

I am Nutritionist divya help people live healthy food choices, live healthy & disease free life. I want to help you reach your health goal and make this journey doable. *You can enrol for 10 Kg Challenge for just $150 instead of $300. This special discount is available only for today. Revert to this message Ping me on 9971828043 on whats app to enrol now*.

Nutritionist Divya

Top 5 Health Benefits Of Moringa Leaves

Moring leaves is a english name for Drumstick. Drumsticks are native for Indians. It is commonly used in Indian cooking. You must have seen it in sambar or dal preparations. Drumsticks are more commonly used in southern and western India. Dhrumstick is a fruit of this tree. What I am talking here is about its leaves. It Is known as moringa leaves.

This tree has lot many medicinal benefits. This is used widely in western countries as health supplement. Moringa being native to India we must know its health benefits. It is locally available to us at every affordable price.

Source: WellnessNova

These are top 5 health benefits of moringa leaves. Consume these for 4 weeks and start getting the benefits:

Improved energy levels: recently I tried using moringa leaves for my clients. These females had complaint bout low energy levels. There was no other health complaint. They started taking moringa leaves powder. In about 4 weeks time their feed back was interesting. They started feeling energetic. Of course their diet was much healthier. They stick to exercise routine.

So, Moringa is rich in iron and calcium. These two minerals lack in our diet. As we age we need more iron and calcium. Adding up 5 gm moringa leaves powder helps.

2. Blood sugar level control: It help in controlling blood sugar levels. It will help you in controlling your craving for sweets. Reduces blood sugar levels after meals (PP sugar).  You can start your day with one spoon moringa powder in water. See the difference in about 15 days.

3. Weight loss: If this is what attracts you? Morings leaves is easy option for you. Calcium helps in weight loss too. You can supplement your weight loss efforts with moringa leaves. It is rich in fiber. Add up moringa powder to curries. It will increase your fiber intake by 50% every day.

4. Constipation and Digestion: Healthy digestion is back bone of good health. Start your day with one spoon powder. It helps in detoxification. Relieves constipation. Thus helps in many ways.

5. Cholesterol control & heart health: Phytonutrients present in moringa helps in lowering cholesterol. It improves good cholesterol. Recent research suggest it also prevents plaque formation in case of heart disease. If you have heart disease or history of increased cholesterol can consider adding it in your diet.

Western countries order moringa from India. It is our native with so many health benefits. Make sure you reap benefits for your better health.

Top 9 foods you should not miss to boost liver health in 2 weeks

Fatty liver is a common health concern. I got few queries based on fatty liver diet recently.  Liver is important organ. It helps in blood circulation, removing toxins and glycogen production. You might have complaints such as low energy levels, frequent infection, fatigued, nausea, confusion, dark patches on under arms and thies etc. This is due to liver disease. There are various programs available for liver cleanse. Diet containing high amount of processed food, sugar and alcohol damages liver.

Regular Detox helps in restoring liver health. Provided you follow health, low fat – low sugar diet. Add up natural and healthy foods. It helps in restoring the effect. In technical language anti inflammatory diet boosts liver health. It means add foods which do not cause inflammation.  These are basically rich in nutrients. Neutralize oxidative damage in the body.

Here are top 9 foods to boost your liver health and gain health!Foods for healthy liver

  1. Garlic: Garlic is a wonder herb. Its alicin helps in improving liver hormone production. Add up garlic in daily cooking. You can have it in raw or cooked form.
  2. Green Tea: green tea contains catechins. It is also called as liver loving drink. It helps in recovering toxins from the body. Don’t add green tea extract. Drinking 2-3 cups in a day will benefit you.
  3. Grape fruit: Although this is not common in India, it is important for liver health. Start your day with grape fruit juice. It is rich in vitamin C. it initiate natural cleansing process.
  4. Beetroot + carrot: You know beet root and carrot are rich in Vitamin A. this vitamin has anti inflammatory effect on our health. Add up beet root and carrot juice in daily diet. It helps in stimulating liver cells. You can take this juice for 2 weeks and then discontinue. Can repeat it again in 2 months time.
  5. Green leafy vegetables:  Green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin C, Selenium, fiber, magnesium etc. Its fiber content helps in removing toxins from the body. If you take OTG medicines frequently, then your liver is under going increased work. Make sure you boost it up with fresh and green leafy vegetables in diet.
  6. Apple: Apples contain pectin. This helps in cleansing cells. Add fresh apples in daily diet. Apple cider vinegar also helps in liver diseases.  It cleans and releases toxins from digestive tract. This helps in improved blood circulation, better digestion. Thus you feel energetic and at high energy levels through out the day.
  7. Olive oil: Do you use olive oil just for your heart? It is good for your liver too! In case of liver diseases we suggest low fat diet. And fat or oil which is given is of good quality. You should avoid all vegetable refined oils from your diet. Replace it with cold press olive oil. It helps in boosting liver cells. Flax seeds oil also helps.
  8. Calciferous vegetables: cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower are cruciferous vegetables. They contain glucosinolate. This compound helps in improve liver enzyme production. If liver enzyme production is disturbed it results in low energy levels, digestive issues etc. You need to add 3-4 servings of these vegetables in weekly diet.
  9. Lemon: As said earlier, vitamin C helps in removing toxins. Liver plays major role in blood purification. Add up one hole lemon in daily diet. Boost your vitamin C intake.

These are few foods to list here. Liver health can b improved by avoiding damaging foods too. It includes high fat food, fried foods, sugary foods, refined oil alcohol etc. These things add lot of stress on your liver.

Regular detox diet plan helps you cleansing. It should be repeated at least 2 times a year. I have created one week detox diet plan to your energy levels. It helps in improving immunity, energy levels, digestion etc. As a part of this plan you also get follow up one week plan. So you can get back to your routine. This plan is available at Rs 1000. You can ping me on 9971828043 to know more.

7 super foods for glowing skin just in 3 weeks

7 Super foods To Get Glowing Skin Just in 3 Weeks

7 super foods for glowing skin just in 3 weeks

The 7 Superfoods and get Glowing Skin in just 3 weeks. We are what we eat. This is true for your skin also. If you eat the food that makes your skin healthy, it gives smooth skin texture. Nutrients help nourish body cell. Thus it also affects skin.

You know which foods cause pimples or darkness. You try and avoid them. But how do you replenish these loses? It’s with healthy food.

Let’s talk about foods rich in nutrients and known as Super foods to get glowing skin. Include these foods in daily diet just for 21 days and ensure glowing skin.

  1. Fish – Fish is rich source of essential fatty acids. Skin is damaged due to oxidation. It causes wrinkles and dullness. Omega 3 helps in neutralising this effect. Fish is rich source of omega 3. Consuming salmon or small size fish twice in a week makes your skin glow. If you are a vegetarian, you can rely on flax, pumpkin, sunflower seeds to get Omega 3. Remember, Omega 3 equals Glowing and Healthy Skin.
  2. Spinach – Green leafy vegetables are loaded with Beta carotene and vitamin C. And Beta Carotene nourishing skin cells. Vitamin c gives elasticity. Unlike other organs, Skin gets replaced every day. New skill cells replace existing layer of skin. So Spinach, or any green leafy vegetables for that matter help in nourishing the skin daily.
  3. Oyster Mushroom – Melanin is a protein that creates dark texture of skin. Melanin is good stuff. But if more melanin means skin is degrading and aging. Eating Oyster Mushrooms help to improve Zinc intake. This helps in controlling melanin effect. As a result, you get glowing skin. These Mushrooms are best suited for vegetarians to get zinc and selenium (even this helps!).
  4. Tomatoes – Lycopene from tomatoes helps in controlling wrinkles. It is an antioxidant which fights against aging. Cooked tomatoes activate Lycopene. Add 100-150 gm tomatoes in daily diet for NEXT 3 weeks and thank me later for your glowing skin! I guarantee this!
  5. Kiwi fruit –Kiwi is a Secret Superfood. Just adding one Kiwi every day, makes dull and dry skin glow like silk. It is rich in Vitamin C, Fiber and Vitamin E. Also, it rejuvenates skin.
  6. Lemon – As you age your skin gets dull. Vitamin C helps in neutralising acidity and has a slight alkaline effect. Lemons are rich in ascorbic acid. It helps in improving elasticity of skin. Including 1 whole lemon in daily diet helps. It helps in removing toxins from the body.
  7. Turmeric – Turmeric is widely used in beauty creams and treatments. Because this is one super food that gives instant results. Applying turmeric on skin is common practice. Also, it can be included in diet. Add fresh turmeric powder in daily gravy or dal. You can also use it was a Natural Face wash powder twice a day. In 2 days, you will see skin starting glow better.

*There is a reason why Indian women traditionally apply turmeric every day. Most people are not aware of good skin Hygiene. Even, most do not know that skin in the biggest organ of human body. When we talk about health, skin a vital and big part of health.

Also most DIETs do not include foods that help you heal your skin and help it rejuvenate with shiny glow. Sensing this need, I have designed a simple diet plan that can be followed by any Indian. This Indian diet plan is designed keeping your food choices and availability of food in mind. Locally available foods are included here. This shall help you as quick and simple meal plan to ensure healthy and glowing skin. It is a 3 weeks plan with 3 meal options.

To make sure you get most benefits out of this, it is made available for only Rs 500. My intention is to spread this knowledge of Skin Health and Hygiene. I intend to help people not lose money and health on treatments. I love to teach people on how to remain healthy by taking care of their skin. I love to teach people on how they can reverse again by eating simple and right food.

So, if this one suits right for you, if you are interested in improving your health by taking care of your skin, then, ping me on WhatsApp at +91 9971 828 043. Talk to us, we will help you solve your health problems.

Nutritionist Divya


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