weight loss failure

I know everything about losing weight, but still cann’t achieve!

In my daily interaction with people, clients this is the common feeling “I know everything about weight loss. I am not supposed to eat junk, fried and sweets”. They taken up weight loss program again and again and fail everytime. Right fro expensive membership to various kinds of diet plans are tried and tested. But at the end of the game it comes to ‘0’.  There is a gap between knowing this and following it. Read more

Things You Must Know About Cholesterol & Health

Increased cholesterol levels are seen in 70% of cases in annual health check-ups. We associate cholesterol with fried food. What is your understanding for this subject beyond that? Cholesterol is produced by liver which counts for 75%. Remaining cholesterol comes from food sources. Just controlling high cholesterol foods in diet will not help. It is the internal system which is going to affect your cholesterol levels present in blood. Read more

oats soybean upma

Oats Soy Upma Recipe

Starting day with oats porridge may sound little boring. What is the tasty and quick way to make it more interesting?Mix and match oats with few other ingredient. Upma is Indian transitional breakfast preparation. It is usually based with suji or semolina. In this recipe oats are used in place of semolina. Read more

What will be your Health Status 1yr from now?

Health is the biggest treasure we have got by default. Some realize this and some do not. It is a treasure so needs to be maintained. Health is living disease free life at physical, social and mental level. What and how you act today is going to affect your health status tomorrow. Here are few questions which will determine your health status one yr from now. This is also going to have long term effect on your personal, social, financial status. Read more

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