ways to lose belly fat

9 Best Ways To Lose Belly Fat

Only exercises dont work for losing belly fat. Make sure you follow Right diet regimen to get rid of that belly fat. Also you need to stick that routine to keep up with the results. A simple rule to get rid of belly fat is replace carbs with protein in 2 main meals of the day. Exact quantity will very from person to person. Here are 9 more ways to Lose belly fat:


living a healthy lifestyle

How to start Living a healthy lifestyle

Health is a back bone of full filled and joyful life. In today’s time there are so many things which are affecting our lives. Healthy living is not a rocket science but bringing in small and simple changes in daily life. Health is mental, physical and social wellbeing. As per this definition every person aiming for living a healthy lifestyle should bring in changes in following aspect of life. Read more

How does detox diet or GM diet plan works???

General motor diet plan also known as GM diet plan is popular for quick weight loss. Many people shed almost 3 to 5 kg during this 7 days plan. But many are scared due to its side effects. Its known side effects are you will gain weight back after getting back to routine. If it is followed frequently their hair fall can be seen. Read more

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