How to fit into your dream dress up or lean Jean???

Well, I am really not talking about losing weight or just being on healthy weight. How many of us are really struggling to fit into your dream dress or old collage jeans??? Most of us..but then what is stopping you???? Weight or bulging belly or increased waistline??? Read more

home remedies for cough and cold

Home remedies for cough and cold

Persistent dry cough is not good for health. If you are coughing up yellow phlegm you must see the doctor. Persistent dry cough can be due to several reasons such as smoking habit, second had smoking, infection, Asthma, COPD, exposure to air pollution or due to occupational exposure to pollutants. Read more

The power Of Bath Time for Babies

Baby’s early life is a time of learning and development – by just three years of age, 85% of baby’s brain is formed. Research suggests that during this time, sensorial stimulation can be critical to baby’s happy, healthy development.
As the #1 baby skin care brand and pioneer of research on baby skin, JOHNSON’S® is now exploring the role of multi-sensorial experiences that make bath time a ritual that can be more than just cleansing. Know the Science of Bath Time for babies. Brought to you by JOHNSON’S Read more

general motors diet plan

General Motor Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast

General Motor Diet plan is followed to lose weight fast. This is a 7 days diet plan which has helped many to lose upto 7 kg weight. Make sure you follow the plan as given here to get desired results. Be cautious prior to try this plan. If you have medical condition do consult with your doctor. Read more

how to use pedometer

How to use Pedometer

If you have the slightest doubt about the ability of a pedometer to get you going, cut it from your mind, because there are countless benefits a pedometer can actually do for you. The best part of these benefits is that, it works as a multifaceted program to track your progress level over a time. Read more

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