weight loss plans for women

Weight loss plans for women to follow in 2015

After new year celebration everyone must be in full zing o work on resolutions and targets set for 2015. Every year starts with one resolution for sure is “Weight loss”. This year I will reach to my target weight. I must congratulate you if you are one of them. Read more

yoga for all

Yoga styles for all age groups

In today’s world, everyone wants to stay fit but time is a factor as well. Spending too much time with little results can be discouraging and so can a monotonous routine when done for too long. Also, before we start something new, there are always questions that keep popping in our minds like, ‘Is this for me?’ being the primary one. Read more

winter allergies

Are you aware about winter allergies?

Our bodies, possibly, being the most complex structures face varied ailments due to equally distinct reasons. Some of these diseases that affect our health and mind can be airborne or waterborne; these natural elements carry the germs or microorganisms causing the spread of such diseases. Read more

skin care for dry skin

Home remedies for dry skin health

A healthy skin is all we want, but the skin health is disturbed, especially in the winters when chilling winds surround the atmosphere around you. A dehydrated and dried skin is a common problem during winters, which may cause rashes and even bleeding if not taken care of on time. What needs to be done? Read more

best health gift ideas

Best health gift ideas for festive season in 2014- 2015

Festivals are an opportunity to share gratitude and love with family, friends, relatives and society. In this festive seasons how you are going to gift to your loved ones?? Gifting clothes, watches, stationary, cards are out fashioned. There are top  health gift ideas just for you to make this festive season special and welcome new year 2015. Read more

negative thinking

How to stay away from Negative thinking

Negativity in and around is a definite cause of unhappy life, low performance and growing depression. Most of the people find it difficult to react plausibly to the situation when they got severely hit by negative thoughts and perpetual negative thinking. A most important facet of this widespread problem is the negligence towards it. Read more

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