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10 Fruits And Vegetables Are Great To Have This Summer

“Sand and Sun, Summer has begun!”

Yes, summers are around the corner, and we are already feeling the rising temperatures. You can’t ask the sun to shine a little lesser but you definitely can try out this DUS KA DUM, power packed fruits and veggies that are sure to make your summer, a super summer.

Cucumber: It contains 99% of water, which keeps the body refreshed and cool. It is also a great source of Vitamin c, Potassium, Silica. You can add it to your sandwich or salad, or take out its juice and drink a glassful. You can even apply it on your skin, it’s the best toner.

Watermelon: It’s refreshing because of its high water content. Watermelon also helps you to prevent weight gain as it takes most of the part of your stomach and YO YO, you feel less hungry, lesser calorie intake and a beach-ready bikini body. How well does this sound?

Lemon: This is a miraculous vegetable or fruit, however, you may put in. It is a great source of vitamin C. Lemon sodas, lemon water, green tea infused with lemon or anything and everything that has a lemon to it is great for you. It keeps the body hydrated, lowering the body temperature and you feel less hot. It also helps fight sunburn

Mint: It not only is good for blood formation in body but is also great for maintaining water content in the body. Mint can be added to lemonades or curd or add mint to your favorite parantha. Mint chutney is a must have this summer. It not only ignites your taste buds but is also great for your health.

Bitter gourd: It lowers the sugar level, maintains immunity, is good for your tired eyes, cleanses the liver and what not.

Melons: Muskmelons, dessert melons, sun-kissed melons; all are good for you. They are a high source of water.

Onions: You may despise their smell but they are storehouses of Vitamin C and A and quercitin. They also lower the production of bad cholesterol protects the body against sun strokes and helps to thin blood as well.

Tomatoes: They help flush out toxins from body besides contain 98% water.

Lettuce: Lettuce leaves are also stored houses of water. They are low in calorie but rich in Omega fats.

Bottle Gourd: Loki, gheya or bottle guard contains. Being high on water content it helps fight fatigue. It makes the most yummies raita.

Grab a glass of Pina colada or lime soda, wear your flip flop, bathe in your sunscreen lotions, glam up with a hat or a shade and you are good to go with these summer friendly veggies and fruits to take care of your belly.

“So go out and get tanned, Tan will fade off, But memories shall last you forever.”

how to reduce bulging belly

6 Reasons You Still Have bulging Belly!

If you are trying to Lose weight or to be healthy, bulging belly is the biggest problem.  Many times I get questions related to bulging belly. I am following the healthy diet, still I am not able to take control of my bulging belly.

Here are  6 things  which contribute to your bulging belly. If you manage them in your daily diet and routine you can aim for reducing your waist size.

1. Sugary foods: Sugar is the biggest reason for bulging belly. If you are doing set of abs everyday, cut down your sugar consumption also. Cut down or stop sugar in your daily diet. This will start giving results in within weeks time. Remember you also consider hidden sources of Sugar like biscuits, cookies, processed food, juices etc. Consider this along with cutting back regular sugar.

2. Alcohol: if you have heard about bear belly it affects your waist size. excess alcohol consumption hampers fat loss. It will not metabolize stored fat in the body.

3. Trans fatty acids: These are Form of fatty found in  bakery foods. When liquid oil is converted to solid form trans fatty acids are formed. They are not good for heart, insulin activity etc. Causes accumulation of fat near belly area. So make sure your diet does not contain any of these. Every time you pick processed food, read its nutrition lable.

4. Lack of protein: Proteins help Satisfy your hunger. In Low protein diet, carbs intake is more. If you increase simple carbs as sugar or refunded flour it is accumulated as fat in the body. High protein diets keep you full for longer time. It also helps to  improve metabolism and the way you deal with other nutrients. Make sure you select good quality proteins in daily diet like egg whites, grilled chicken, lean fish, Milk, Soybean, pulses etc.

5. Unhealthy gut bacteria: Gut bacteria affects your immunity. unhealthy bacteria in gut accumulate fat and toxins in the body. Regular consumption of probiotic foods helps in maintaining gut flora.

6. Stress levels:  Cortisol is the hormone related to stress. if you have stressful life it will lead to obesity.  stress triggers over eating…may be it in unknowingly but it leads to empty calory consumption. this I the biggest reason for bulging belly. as it contributes to hormonal imbalance in the body.

health benefits of nuts

6 Reasons To Include Nuts in Daily Diet

Nuts are nutrient rich. We all know that nuts provide protein and good fats. But there are many more health benefits when you eat nuts. They are best as snacks. Do you remember as a kid you used to get handful of cashew or raisins from granny. These nuts and dried fruits were used as reward foods. Cause they must be taken in less quantity. But are very powerful.

So, here are 6 big reasons you must start eating nuts on daily basis and reap its health benefits:

Quick reasons why you must include nuts in your daily diet..

1.  Help in weight loss. They are right h in Essential fatty acids and protein . They also contain same amount of fibre in its skin. Studies have shown regular consumption of nuts helps in losing weight. As you add them up in your snacks between lunch and dinner, there are less chances you will indulge on anything else. And its nutrients help you burn more fat.

2. Nuts help you control your hunger and appetite: Loaded with nutrients like protein, omega 3 fatty acids ; they trigger hormonal balance. These nutrients take longer time to digest. So you would not feel hungry very quickly after taking them. For anyone who has sugar cravings almonds is the best option. Its magnesium content helps you in managing cravings.

3. Eating nuts actually help you burn more calories : Nuts contain good fat. Instead of having high fat Milk products like cheese or high fat paneer go for nuts. They help you burn stored body fat. Also help in removing excess fat through gut.

4. Improve heart health: Consumption of Almonds and walnuts strengthens your heart. Fatty acid help you improve your cholesterol and triglyceride levels. They reduces further damage to your Heart.

5. Nuts help you look Younger : All nuts are loaded with micro nutrients like magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium etc. These nutrients are good for your skin. The help you eliminate toxins from the body. It also helps in lowering skin wrinkles. You must have seen many products contain walnut, almond oil in skin care products. Outer application is essential but if you include it in your diet, it helps you to nourish.

6. Help to lover sugar levels: Like carbohydrates, nuts do not release glucose instantly . If nuts taken during snacks time, help manage blood sugar levels. It also help you to improve insulin function in the body.

Next make a smart move and go nutty way. Add up feastful of nuts for healthy skin, less wrinkles and improved fat loss.  Don’t just  stick to almond and walnut but also include pistachios, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts etc.


7 Habits That You Should Adopt In Your Routine For A Healthy Life

Being healthy is not fashion, It is the  necessity of life.

A healthy lifestyle is important to live a long life. As life expectancy is decreasing in India, it becomes essential to make a change in our daily routine and follow a holistic approach towards life. Your body is your temple, worship it. The biggest worship of our body is to inculcate healthy routine. Here is a list of seven simple habits that one should adopt in your daily routine for a healthy life.

Exercise daily: Be it aerobic exercise, a dance of salsa, thirty minutes brisk walk, or lifting dumbbells, some exercise is essential for everyone. Exercise makes the body healthy by pumping more blood to the heart due to better circulation.

Say no to fatty food: Avoid oily food and aerated drinks. Substitute your diet with baked and roasted food rather than deep fried.  Include more fruits and green vegetables in your diet. Instead of chips and colas much on salads and juices. Remember YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT, so beware, DO NOT BE A SAMOSA.

Take sound sleep: Put all thoughts to end, and enjoy a calm sleep. Eight hours of sound sleep is essential. Avoid sleeping late at night. Refrain from using your cell phone just before going to bed. Avoid sleeping late at night.


Stay positive: Positive approach in the life will help you a lot to stay fit. Always stay positive. Never let negative things hold you back.

Work on a hobby: Everyone has a hobby- a hidden desire, an unpolished talent or an artistic mind. Pursue your hobby. Doing what pleases us makes us a happier person.

Drink loads of water: Time and again we read about drinking water but we sulk. Water is the best medicine. It is a zero calorie drink. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water, preferably at room temperature. Where water does not cleanse the inside of our body, it also gives a glow to your skin.

Cut down on alcohol and smoking: Though alcohol and smoking are often said to be anti-depressants.  They have a bad effect on health. Try reducing their intake and eventually with time you can give over smoking and drinking.

Live fully, Eat healthy, Smile generously, Think positive, Dance merrily, Love heart full, Do good to all and feel good. It’s your life make it count.

“Take care of your body, It’s the only place you live in.”

7 Reasons To Include Fish Oil In Daily Routine

Fish oil is extracted from oily fish. You must have heard about importance of fish oil. What do you choose over supplements? Do choose eating fish or taking supplements? This discussion will help you make wise decision.

Fatty fish contains good fatty acids. They contain 30% fats. Fat soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A and Dis abundant in fish. Fish varieties such as tuna, herring, sardines, mackerel are ideal for healthy living.

Cod liver oil supplements are easily available. But there is a difference in fish oil and cod liver oil. Basically its composition and benefits very. You will see important benefit after consuming fish oil is stress management and mental function. It also helps in curing sleep related issues. You can try fish oil supplements for 2 months. Observe the changes and continue your supplements.

Here are 7 important health benefits of fish oil:

health benefits of fish oil


6 Ways Detoxification Helps Your Body To Heal

Detoxification is a process where healing foods are included. everything which causes irritation, stimulates are system is excreted. As the season change one must do a around of detoxification.

It helps you in healing inflammation. Inflammation is caused due to external irritants. Body tries to get rid of it. When irritants or stimuli is powerful are accumulated in the body. And they cause further damage. Best way to get rid of them is to remove them body.

As your body gets free from toxins it helps in healing. You feel fresh mentally. You get that clarity in your thoughts. This is the most helpful benefit of detoxification. This also leads to feeling energetic. You energy pathways are healed and start producing energy effectively. as a result you might not get that lethargic feeling frequently.

Removing toxins has beneficial effect on body weight, skin etc. You can see weight reduction, glowing skin after completing detoxification. 



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