Gujia is basically a sweet dish of north India. They are made on occasions like festivals of India to celebrate the joy of that festivity. This dish is originated from Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat etc; but they are enjoyed by almost every region of India even they belong to any religion. Read more

Top fruits to enhance your beauty

What do you do to look young and youthful? Many things like – using cosmetics, using suncream lotion, regular massage, avoid going out in sun etc etc. Well, if you have not paid attention to top fruits consumption, then you are missing on it. Read more

Personality Traits |Tips to maintain your personality

Personality development is a crucial par. Everyone is trying to present best personality traits while living in the society, community etc. They say first impression is last impressions is not wrong. It makes a lot of difference how you present your self. there are various personality traits  test, tips, expert advices available in market which help in maintain your personality.

Use following  tips to maintain impressive personality:

  1. Think positive: Always think positive about anything. Negativity will affect your personality. It can reflect in your act, behavior and thoughts. Positivity will help in spreading positive energy.
  2. Keep a focus on body language: Body language speaks a lot about you. Try and identify unnecessary bodily movements. Correct body postures. Always sit straight, shoulders should be stretched to give confident look.
  3. Know yourself better: Have firm belief about your thoughts. Be clear in your vision. You need to know what are your strong points and weak points. We need to accept the condition that every person has some weakness. Identify those and work on positive points more.
  4. Follow healthy lifestyle: This will help you in gaining good health. Healthy mind reflects healthy body. Physically fit person feels fresh, can be more productive and youthful.
  5. Have an idol: Read more and more about sports person, celebrities, entrepreneurs, writers, authors. They many inspirational stories. Their life journey can inspire you and gives many learnings.
  6. Gain a right attitude: Things are more dependent on attitude. If you have right attitude in life, you can be happier.

Let us know if you are following any more personality development tricks.



Home remedies for acne

Pimples or acne are most hated, unwanted facial growths that may ruin your any of your important public appearance and may cause a lot embarrassment. Biologically, your skin has a lot of oil glands, which usually gets infected by bacteria. Read more

Health Recipe: Sprouts Chat

Sprouts are healthy option for your breakfast or snacks time. If you are a regular gymmer or doing exercise sprouts are must have in your daily routine. Make sure you eat them to improve your protein intake. Whole legumes are soaked over night and then tied in cloth for 5-7 hrs during sprouting process. Read more

Healthy Recipe: Oats Upma

Oats are healthy breakfast cereals. They are advised by dieticians and nutritionist to include in daily diet. But eating regular oats porridge gets very boring. It is very difficult to eat same porridge everyday for breakfast. So, here is a different recipe for oats upma in Indian way. Read more

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