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7 low calorie foods to Boost Your Weight Loss efforts

Food is not everything about calorie and nutrients. Basically it is about how you feel after eating that food. If you feel happy and energetic then that food is good for you. You should not feel heavy, drousy or lethargic to do your job. Search food is really not good for you. Here are 10 low calorie foods which provide unit of energy and I worked for your weight loss:

  1. Skinless chicken: Chicken is rich in saturated fat, many people consider it as an healthy food. But if you can remove skin and fat portion of chicken, it is low in calorie. Just hundred Drums of chicken will provide you hundred and 10 calories. At the same time it is rich in vitamins suggest B12, minerals like Iron and protein. Next time make sure that is select skinless chicken.
  2. Fish and seafood: There again rich in fat. The contain good fatty acids. Vegetarian readily get these fatty acids from food sources. Hundred Drums of Salman will provide you just 116 calories. But it will fulfill your requirement for Omega 3 fatty acid. Which nutrient is very essential for your mental and brain health. Make sure you follow healthy cooking method to retain these health benefits.
  3. Vegetables like cucumber, radish, Lauki: Which vegetables are actually considered as negative calorie food. What does it mean? It mean when we eat these vegetables, they use some stored energy to digest and metabolized. So, it actually helps you in using stored energy. Vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, Cauliflower, all gourd veggies are low on calories.
  4. Spinach and fugue really few vegetables: There rich in vitamins like B complex vitamins minerals- like Manganese and K. These nutrients improve digestion. Also support energy production in our body. Hundred grams of green leafy vegetables provide you hardly 20-23 calories.
  5. Puffed cereals: Puffed cereals like puffed rice murmura, puffed Jawar, Bajara are low really low on calorie. They help you feel full and service good snacks.
  6. Skim milk and low fat yoghurt: One cup of skimmed milk will provide you less than 100 Kcal. Yoghurt and Milk products are good for bone. There also rich in proteins. Make sure you make them part of your daily snacks.
  7. Non salted Nuts: Nuts like almond, walnut, flax seeds pumpkin seeds are beneficial. They help you get essential fatty acids. Provide proteins and minerals.

Considered is commonly available calorie food in your daily diet.

What you must know about including fresh juices and healthy living in today time?

You must be knowing fresh fruit juice is better than can attend juice. Canned juices contains added sugar and preservatives. They are not very good for our health. They add on to empty calorie. All the advertisement save the rich in certain vitamins and minerals, it is always better to add fresh fruit juice.

But the real question is should you also considered fresh juices for whole fruit? Here are few facts which will help you to select your juices or fresh fruits:

1. Fresh fruit juices are in concentrated form: For example if you’re considering orange juice it is concentrated in vitamin C and vitamin A. For a person who is recovering from any disease health problem, this juice is ideal. For a person who is normal and living healthy life, must consider eating whole orange.

2. Fresh vegetable juices are also recommended in few cases: You must have had a lot about smoothies these days. Are these smoothies really helpful? Yes smoothies are healthy. As mentioned above they are concentrated, rich source of nutrients. They help you in improving their nutrients consumption. One can start his day with a glass of fresh smoothie to improve immunity and over all health.

3. How about juice diet or smoothie diet? Juices are low on calorie. If you are taking it for longer time, make sure it is providing you essential calories. Any diet which provides let them thousand calories is not good. Having low calorie diet affects your energy level, it also affect your metabolism. You should always do such specialized diet under supervision.

4. What’s the best way to get benefits of such juices and smoothies? You can replace one meal of the day with fresh smoothie. Basic difference between smoothie and Juice is, smoothie is thick. It contains more ingredients, this is rich in nutrients. You can add high protein foods to your smoothie juices. This will improve its calorie and nutrient level.

Bottom line here is, first consider adding whole fruit in your daily life. Secondly you can add smoothie, juices, provided you have good balance.

lemon juice

Should you consider taking lime juice every day?

This is a very common question come across you also must be thinking you will start taking lime juice and honey everyday in the morning which will help you in losing weight. Some people benefit with some people do not full stop actually the fact is that you need to manage your diet and lifestyle to get the defect full form doing only one thing minute help you in losing weight for example if you are taking lime juice and honey every day in the morning but not able to follow your diet today it might not help you in losing weight. Here are few quick facts about lime juice you will get clear Idea whether you should include in daily diet or not.

Basic reason behind including lines in daily diet is its alkaline nature. Basically lemon is rich in ascorbic acid. No and name suggest it is a acid so its pH is less than 7. Any food who is pH less than 7 is acidic in nature. Now you can think if this food is acidic in nature is it good for me or bad? So that’s totally depends on your health on your body type. Few people did acidity after taking lemon in the morning do people feel good. So the secret is alkaline or acidity effect on our body.

Although lemon pH is less than 7 and it is acidic in nature it has alkaline effect after consuming. Kidney help maintain blood PH. 1 food is consumed it goes to kidney. It remove excess acid and maintains blood PH. Like foods rich in protein made chicken or acidic in nature. At the same time fresh fruits vegetables serials are alkaline in nature.

Expert suggest that consuming lot of acidic foods may harm your health. Processed food edited beverage accident. The food in hybrid calcium absorption in our bones. They also says that this foods produce Cancer generating cells. Best things to increase consumption of Alkaline food in daily diet.

Lemon has acidic pH but when it is consumed and digested it has alkaline effect. Does it plays major role in removing other toxins from our body. In case of weight loss it also helps in maintaining metabolism. Vitamin C helps in improving your iron absorption also. Regular consuming lemon help you in preventing kidney stone. So if you really want to benefit from lemon you can include in your daily diet. But if you get acidity after consuming lemon early in the morning stop doing that. You can include lemon in your lunch dinner or snacks.

I am sure and knowing this fact about lemon will help you. Make sure you do not rely on only one thing to get health benefits. Next time when you go for Honey lemon in the morning, I am sure you know why you’re taking it.

kids healthy, healthy eating for kids

7 Fun Ways To Add Veggies In Kids Diet To Ensure Optimum Growth

Do you also have picky eater at home? Every mother has this concern. Avoid food which comes in packet and eat natural fresh food. When it comes to nutrition for kids, they must include fresh vegetable and fruits. They are rich in vitamins and minerals. It helps in healthy growth. As a mother you need to ensure that they get 2 -4 servings of vegetables and 2 for fresh fruits.

Here are 10 fun ways to add veggies in kids diet to ensure their health and optimal growth:

  1. Mix it with flour:- This is the best way to add vegetables. If your kid eats roti / dosa or pancake mix veggies with it You can use vegetable to give colour to that dish eg – Green puri (with pinch or methi) or Yellow pancake (with carrot ). Simply put veggie in mixture. Add very little water and mix flour in this water.
  2. Juice it up: – Are you saying kids don’t like juices? They love it! Make fresh juice at home. You can mix carrot juice with orange; make smoothie with pumpkin (its sweet in taste). You can garnish water melon juice with mint and coriander.
  3. Add powdered vegetables: recently I have tried this with few clients. We use powdered spinach / moringa / wheat grass to tackle few health complaints in kids. Vegetable powder is available in the market. Add his to dals, gravies, etc.
  4. Finger foods: Finger foods are for toddlers and school going kids. But elderly kids also love this. Ex – nuggets, cutlets, etc. Add flavouring agents. It will hide original taste. Eg -add garlic / ginger / pepper to enhance favour.
  5. Desserts with veggies: – use bottle gourd / pumpkin / carrot / Sweet potato in desserts. They have sweet as a basic taste. It can go well in kheer, pudding, burfi etc.
  6. Baked foods with veggies: Best way to use this is to prepare pizza base at home. You can add cauliflower (steamed and sashed ) to the flour.
  7. Crunchy veggies: carrot / cucumber / salad eaves have crunchy texture. Use this in your salad and evening snacks. If you are serving namkin add some cut salad to it.

These are few ways to include vegetables in daily diet. Finally eating everything is also a part of discipline. Adopt healthy habits for complete family. This creates positive environment for the kid. You being a role model for kids is important. They are going to follow what you eat, how you play and react.

Foundations for health are built in early years of life. Follow these quick tips for your kid. Be persistent. You will see a difference. To get more such daily tips on whats app ping me – Nutritionist Divya on 9971828043. I love helping people make life healthy, make healthy food choices and be well. If you would like to get daily updates ping me on whats app 9971828043.

indian traditional foods not to miss in daily diet

10 Indian traditional foods not to miss in daily meals to keep weight in control

This article is about Indian traditional foods which help in losing weight. In today’s time, fast food is part of our life. Traditional foods are on back step. Under the name of weight loss many things are available in the market. But, we should not overlook health benefits of our traditional foods.

Here are 10 Indian traditional foods not to miss in your daily meals to keep Weight in control:

  • Betel nut leaves: Traditionally betel nut leaves are consumed after finishing food. It is rich source of iron and calcium. These two minerals are essential for healthy bones and good stamina. These leaves help in improving digestion. Increases saliva secretion. It helps in treating gastric ulcers. Studies have shown positive effect on blood sugar levels. It also helps in constipation.
  • Coconut : This is another fruit used in traditional cooking. This is the base for various gravies. Fresh and dry coconut is high in fiber. It is also rich in monosaturated fat. Coconut oil helps in weight loss. It manages thyroid hormone levels. Add coconut in daily diet only if you do not have any heart disease.
  • Ghee: Clarified butter must be there in diet. There are various studies to support its benefits. Ghee helps in improving digesting fire. Manages acidity. Take 30% ghee from your total oil intake. In case of heart diseases restrict ghee intake.
  • Kasuri Methi: Green methi leaves are rich in iron and calcium. Calcium helps in keeping bones healthy. Add Kasuri methi when fresh leaves are not available. Its bitterness helps in detoxification. Removing toxins from body helps in keeping weight off.
  • Jeera: Jeera is rich in fiber again. Take jeera water early morning. It helps in constipation. Constipation is one of the biggest reason of obesity. All refined flour and junk food causes constipation.
  • Amla: Amla – Indian gooseberry helps in acidity, detoxification, improved digestion etc. I can be taken in fresh form, juice, dried, jam etc. Add 1 whole amla in daily diet to supplement your weight loss plan.

indian traditional foods not to miss in daily diet

  • Green gram – moong dal is prominently used in naturopathic treatments. It is low on calories, rich in protein and is easy to digest. Adding green gram soup for dinner is best idea.
  • Radish: – Radish is rich in minerals and fiber. Consume it as a salad or fresh juice. It helps in removing toxins from the body.
  • Cardamom: – spice up your weight loss shakes with cardamom. This flavouring spice helps in fat loss.
  • Curry leaves: They are used just for flavour in our cooking. Eating – chewing curry leaves help in burning fat. It also helps in controlling bad cholesterol. Add them to your morning juice and reap benefits.

These foods are easily available around you. My only intention is to make your ware. Adopt these foods along with right diet. Diet based on your required calories, carbs and proteins. This helps in giving actual result. To make it easy for you I have created one month weight loss plan. You simply have to follow it for complete one month along with daily exercise.

This weight loss plan is available for 1200 / 1500 / 1800Kcal only at Rs 700. You simply have to share your current weight and height with me. Will send you appropriate diet plan. To avail your plan ping me on 9971828043. 

healthy eating habits for kids

9 Golden rules for parents to ensure healthy eating habits for kids

healthy eating habits for kids Being a mother of pre-schooler I understand your concern. Every parent I meet these days have concern for kids health. This concern is basically for kids eating habits and overall growth. Kids are gaining weight but not growing up. Commonly it is seen that kids poor eating habits are affecting their overall performance.

Here are 10 golden rules for parents to follow to ensure kids adopt healthy eating habits:

  1. 1. Be a role model: – Right after birth kids are learning basic habits from you. you as a parent need to role model for your kid. It is true in every aspect. May it be fitness, sports, reading or eating food. Help your child by adopting healthy habit yourself. Eg. – Eat vegetable which you hate most. You might not relish it but can eat one serving.
  2. Make meal time fun time: – This is very important. When kids start eating food in their initial months, make eating time a fun time. Avoid discussions about their negative behaviour, mistakes they did etc. Create positive environment. Make sure whole family eats meals together.
  3. Try different forms : – In initial time kids might not like certain types of food. Offer them in different forms. Example – kid might not like eating carrot salad, but he will enjoy carrot paratha.
  4. Stop labelling him / her : – Keep offering variety of foods. Do not label them saying – she does not like xxx. They are always listening to you. If you accept this they will make you accept it every time. Educate them about basic health benefits. This will help in changing the behaviour.
  5. Prepare a week’s plan: -As you are a busy mom, planning will make your life easier. Growing kids have their own demands. To manage this make your own meal plan for week. Balance out your lunch and dinner. Be prepared for evening snacks. This avoids probability of hunger pangs. Even you will not be tempted for junk during hunger pangs.
  6. Involve kids in planning: – Any planning you do, involve them. Make them part of your decision making. This gives lot of confidence to them.Let them get a chance to place their favourite dish in the plan.
  7. Dedicated meal for junk food: – You can keep one meal in a week as free meal. It can be eating out, ice cream, pizza or burger. This will help you most! Why you would be worried, if you know kids are eating healthy all the time. They deserve this break.
  8. Stick to your words: once you have your plan ready do not compromise. Ask them to place it in their planner. They can compromise somewhere. If they know you are firm on your words they will not repeat it.
  9. Store only healthy foods at home: May it be cake, biscuits or snacks item. Store healthy options. This will not leave a room open for unhealthy food.
  10. There is no wonder pill, all you have to do is balance out the things: many parents do ask for any medicine or supplement for kids. Food is our best medicine. Make sure you offer them balanced diet. They will adopt it on their own.

Kids health is totally in your hand. Giving them best choices is what you can do. But in todays demanding life parents hardly get time to sit and plan it. To make is more easy and adoptable, I have designed a ‘Quick Meal Plan for Families”. This meal plan is for parents and kids. Meal wise food options ensure you get all essential nutrients throughout the day. Small and frequent meals help kids manage energy levels.

Quick Meal Plan for Families” is exclusively designed keeping Indian culture in mind. You will find balance in healthy food and meals. It is available at just Rs. 500 whereas original cost is 2500. This is a special discount for you. If you want to avail this plan, ping me on 9971828043. Mention your kids age in your message to get appropriate plan.

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