right foods for breakfast

Which are Right Foods for Breakfast?

We know eating right is important. Having sugary foods in the morning will ruin your day. Simple way to plan your any meal and have right foods for breakfast and  cut the meal into three parts. Put carbs or cereals in 1/3rd part, Proteins in 1/3 rd part and fresh fruit + vegetable as remaining portion. Usually we make a mistake in selecting right foods. Traditionally Indian diet is rich in carbohydrates. Read more

Healthy Breakfast

Healthy Breakfast : Power house for the day

Breakfast is a part of our daily diet. As the word suggests it actually means that breaking fast since last meal had in the night. After having dinner last night, breakfast is the meal which will give energy and boost to improve your day. Ideally one must fit in healthy breakfast in daily routine. Whether you are working, busy, mother, home maker, etc Make sure you start your day with right food. Read more

moong sprouts cheela

Breakfast Recipes: Moong sprouts cheela

Sprouts are better consumed than only pulses. Basically sprouting process improves nutritive value of pulses. In India sprouts are used to make curry. Verity of pulses can be used to make sprouts. Moong sprouts or whole green gram is used to traditional sprouts. One can also use moth beans, dries peas, chowlai (white beans but small in size) etc. Read more

oats banana cookies

Oats banana cookies

Snacks should be healthy and tasty too. Usually we indulge on biscuits or processed food which is lying on the dinning table. Even high fiber biscuits donot serve the purpose.Recent i found a tasty and interesting solution for weight loss snacks. i had heard a lot about Oats Banana cookies. Read more

drinking milk

Drinking milk can help you lose weight?

Since our ancient time milk is considered to be complete food. For infants milk is first food. So, it is natural that milk is healthy and essential for our system. There are few misconcepts attached with drinking milk, due to its fat content, lactose or effect on digestion. One must include low fat milk and milk product in daily life. Read more

coconut oil for weight loss

Coconut oil helps in weight loss?

Coconut oil helps in weight loss. It is true and has many beneficial effects. Coconut oil is rich in Medium chain fatty acids. In simple language, MCT (medium chain fatty acids) makes it ideal for weight loss. How do you come to know if the oil contains medium chain fatty acids? – Coconut oil gets solidified at low temperatures. Read more

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