happy diwali

Happy Diwali 2015

While celebrations are in corner and we are all set for it. Here is a small message to this festive f lights and crackers truly a happy and prosperous festive. Our celebrations are full of food and drinks. And festivals cannot be completed without food.  Take a moment and think if in your celebration you are wasting the food. There are thousands and thousands on this planet who are not privileged as you are. Celebrate this festival with some sharing of joy and sweetness. Lets stop and avoid food waste on this Diwali 2015. Read more


33 Dieting Rules to Follow in 21st century

Dieting is many times related to weight loss or low carb diet. But it is regulated and supervised food intake in terms of losing weight or for better health. you must follow dieting rules for a healthy life. In todays time we have so much available information about healthy eating but still we fail in achieving our health goals. Read more

oats recipes

7 quick recipes of Oats for healthy living

Oats are good for Heart! People include oats for healthy living and it  is good in fiber and  thus helps in keeping cholesterol under control. We know these health benefits but still we get sick with usually oats porridge. Many people do not like oats porridge texture, then what??? You will not eat oats?? Nohh..that’s not the solution. Read more

health benefits of lemon

10 Health Benefits Of Lemon

Lemon is an important fruit of citrus fruits. It is widely used in tropical countries and is important part of cooking and meals. many times lime is mistaken with lemon. This yellow colored fruit comes with thin rind and pale yellow pulp. There are various health benefits of lemon. Lemon is used as savories in Asian cooking for salads, salad dressing and few of the vegetable preparations. Read more

health benefits of green leafy vegetables

7 reasons You need to eat green vegetables daily

Leaf vegetables are plant leaves eaten as a vegetable. Although they come from a very wide variety of plants, they are loaded with lots of nutrients. There are different reasons to include green leafy vegetables in diet, But it is also important to build this habit right from childhood for better health. If a family meal contains such healthy vegetables, kids will also start loving it. Read more

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