unhealthy processed foods

What you need to know about unhealthy Processed Foods?

Processed foods are not just junk foods but any natural food item which is turned into editable form. Usually processed foods are ready to eat. There are few foods which need to cook or heat before we can eat. These foods are altered from its natural form for safety or convenience. Convenience for consumer is to save time and efforts on cooking food. Read more

No Processed Food Day

No Processed Food Day:  Saturday

Processed food term is not new to us. What does this means exactly? Is ready to eat or ready to cook foods are processed? Processed foods cover much larger aspect that this. Processed food is where natural food is altered in its natural form and has gone through processing like drying, fermentation, cooking (heat application) etc. Read more

read nutrition label on food product

How to Read Nutrition label On Food Products

In daily life we are buying and using processed food. Every food product we buy has information written on it. It essential to read nutrition label and understand what does it mean. There are rules and regular which control specification of this information. As consumer you need to understand how this piece of information should be applied. Read more

effect of beverages

Attention Consumers! Don’t grab a can of aerated beverage until you read this!

How do you celebrate your parties?? May it be on weekend, Friday Birthdays, promotion or just a celebration…I am sure it is incomplete without a bottle of cold drink. We all love taking sip of beverage along with piece of pizza  or any other junk food which is inevitable part of celebrations. But have you ever thought about its effect on our health?  Pharmacists Niraj Naik has studied effect of the cola aerated beverage on human body and was stunned after learning these effects. Read more

Long term health effects of consumption of French fries

What was the last time you enjoyed your crispy and hot french fries? Was is it in last week or even yesterday. But healthcare experts are not in love with french fries as they are loaded with agents which are heath effects food and are not good for heart health, blood circulation in the body and are causing cancer as per recent studies. Read more

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