What You Must Know About Migraine Pain

Migraine is different than headache. It occurs frequently. Usually it is seen on one side of head. Certain situations, foods, stress, environmental changes trigger migraine pain.

It is majority seen in females. Age group from 35 to 55 yrs is affected by migraine pain.

Common causes of migraine pain is blood vessel constriction. As a result it also causes blurred vision and sensitivity to light.

Nutrient deficiencies are linked with migraine pain. Vitamin D, Magnesium plays major role in pain management. It was also seen in few studies that people having constant headache were deficient in riboflavin and COQ 10 enzyme. COQ10 is very important enzyme. As you age its levels are decreased in our body. If you are the victim of Migraine pain try supplementing your diet with COQ10 enzyme.

Best way to take control of your migraine pain is to increase Magnesium intake. Add foods rich in magnesium – as green leafy vegetables, nuts, oil seeds, fish,  whole grains, avocados, banana, dried figs, dark chocolates etc.

Best way to prevent migraine pain is to avoid triggers. Try and find your foods, situations, changes which trigger migraine pain. Few females get  migraine around their monthly  cycles. Add nutrient rich foods to get rid of migraine pain.

What you must know about migraine

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