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17 Foods To Control Cholesterol And Improve Heart Health In 4 Weeks

Increased cholesterol levels are seen commonly. It increases your risk for heart diseases. Having high cholesterol levels for prolong period deposits fat on blood vessel. Thus puts load on heart. One can control cholesterol levels with diet and lifestyle changes.

Here are 17th foods to help you control cholesterol levels and improve your heart health:

  1. Apple cider Vinegar: – This is majorly known for weight loss benefits. Apple cider vinegar helps in controlling bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol.
  2. Avocado: – This high fat fruit is rich in monounsaturated fats and fiber. Use it as dip. Also can be added to salads.
  3. Barley: Barley is good source of beta-glucan. This is a type of fiber. It binds with cholesterol or excess fat in intestine and removes it from body. Add barley flour to roti and other preparations. Having only barley water might not help.
  4. Beans and legumes: -Protein rich beans are important part of vegetarian diet. Whole legumes contain fiber. It is also known as leganins. They help to control cholesterol levels. Consume 3/4th cup legumes to lower triglycerides, LDL cholesterol etc.
  5. Brown rice: unpolished or brown rice is rich in fiber. Its skin also contains magnesium, selenium and few B complex vitamins. Replace white rice with brown rice.
  6. Broccoli: Although this veggies is not in native to Indian, it has many health benefits. Broccoli is rich in fiber. This works with bile in digestive track. It removes excess cholesterol from the body.
  7. Celery: increased cholesterol also creates free radicals in body. Antioxidants present in celery helps in neutralising this effect. Salads, veggies preparations using celery are delicious.
  8. Cinnamon: This Indian spice has beneficial effect on health. Daily consuming 5 gm of cinnamon powder has positive effect on blood sugar , cholesterol and triglycerides.
  9. Coriander seeds: Coriander seeds or fresh coriander helps in detoxification. One can consume fresh coriander juice or seeds decoction.
  10. Cluster beans: Cluster bean are known for its typical fiber – Guar gum. This helps in controlling blood sugar levels, triglycerides etc. include cluster beans at least thrice a week in your diet.
  11. Fenugreek seeds: Soak fenugreek seeds in water over night. Consume it early morning with empty stomach. It helps in better sugar control, weight loss and cholesterol reduction.
  12. Fatty fish: They are well known for its heart health benefits. Include small size fish. They contain good fats – omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. It is recommended to include 2 serving of fish every week. (one serve is approx. 100 gm)
  13. Garlic: Garlic and ginger fall under alum category. Its allicin helps in controlling cholesterol. Include 1-2 garlic clove in daily diet.
  14. Ginger: – It is seen that ginger helps in improving blood circulation. Thus helps improve heart health. Add ginger to your tea, veg preparation, gravy etc.
  15. oat meal: – Oats are rich in fiber. We can see above all foods are rich in fiber too. Fiber is essential part. As food under goes any treatment its fiber content is reduce. Thus make sure you include foods in it natural form.       Oat meal fiber binds with excess cholesterol in intestine. Thus it helps in heart diseases.
  16. Rice bran oil: Rice bran oil is high in Mono unsaturated fatty acids. It is best suited for Indians in today’s time. Orysanol present in rice bran oil is helpful component.
  17. Tomatoes: Lycopene rich tomatoes have antioxidant properties. Lycopene helps in lowering bad cholesterol. It also improves triglyceride levels if taken regularly.

Managing cholesterol levels is very important. It is directly affecting your heart. If you have increased LDL and Triglyceride levels, it increased risk for heart diseases. It can be controlled with some changes in diet.

When it comes to managing health, many things affect. Over all diet affects our health.

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Things You Must Know About Cholesterol & Health

Increased cholesterol levels are seen in 70% of cases in annual health check-ups. We associate cholesterol with fried food. What is your understanding for this subject beyond that? Cholesterol is produced by liver which counts for 75%. Remaining cholesterol comes from food sources. Just controlling high cholesterol foods in diet will not help. It is the internal system which is going to affect your cholesterol levels present in blood. Read more