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Fitness is way beyond exercise and workouts. To lead healthy and prosperous life it takes healthy mind and body. Fitness at mental and physical level challenges you every time. Rather you challenge yourself in every workout and move that is involved. Fitness challenge takes energy and will power to tackle your limits. Every time when you feel I can’t d it now it your level.

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Join Fitness Challenge Group

Multitasking, job, home, travel so many things are on mind. In today’s time our lives are too much stressful and it is difficult to  difficult to avoid stress completely. What should be done to keep going in such challenging time???I found my answers in Fitness. REGULAR FITNESS ROUTINE. Being a part of Fitness challenge group helped me achieve my goals. Read more

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Fitness On Whats app

We all are aware that exercise is important for our health. Regular exercise helps in keeping good health. Managing regular fitness routine is not a challenge, if you see its benefits. Exercise helps in keeping the weight in control, healthy heart and to lead healthy life.   Read more

Plank: Best exercise

Custom Diet Plan To Gain Muscle

For many of us, gaining muscle may conjure up images of countless hours in the gym, but diet doesn’t come to mind. Have seen many gym goers who are struggling to learn how to gain muscle weight?? Before making sudden changes in lifestyle, though, it is good to consult with a physician, personal trainer, and dietitian. Read more

yoga for all

Yoga styles for all age groups

In today’s world, everyone wants to stay fit but time is a factor as well. Spending too much time with little results can be discouraging and so can a monotonous routine when done for too long. Also, before we start something new, there are always questions that keep popping in our minds like, ‘Is this for me?’ being the primary one. Read more

stretching exercise

Top 10 Stretching Exercise

In medical science stretching is a kind of physical exercise in which both muscles and tendons are stretched which leads to the improvement in elasticity as well as flexibility of muscles as well as to gain their perfect tone. This stretching exercise may lead in increased control on muscles as well as bodies flexibility and motion. Read more

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