Ramadan Fast, type 1 diabetes,

How to Have Healthy Fast during This Ramadan month for Diabetics?

Fasting during Ramadan is holy ritual. Any fast is best opportunity to detoxify body, Mind and soul. How and what you eat during this time affects a lot. If you follow healthy eating choices, you need not worry about it. Make sure you maintain your no of calories and protein rich foods during meal time.


For diabetics fasting is not recommended. This affects their blood sugar levels. Not eating for long can result in low levels or blood glucose. This is also known as hypoglycemia.  So, before starting this fast make sure you consult with your doctor about Insulin. Which type of insulin would be appropriate for this fasting phase. Here is a quick guide for Diabetics to follow during this Ramadan Fast:


Ramadan Fast, type 1 diabetes,


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