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7 Fun Ways To Add Veggies In Kids Diet To Ensure Optimum Growth

Do you also have picky eater at home? Every mother has this concern. Avoid food which comes in packet and eat natural fresh food. When it comes to nutrition for kids, they must include fresh vegetable and fruits. They are rich in vitamins and minerals. It helps in healthy growth. As a mother you need to ensure that they get 2 -4 servings of vegetables and 2 for fresh fruits.

Here are 10 fun ways to add veggies in kids diet to ensure their health and optimal growth:

  1. Mix it with flour:- This is the best way to add vegetables. If your kid eats roti / dosa or pancake mix veggies with it You can use vegetable to give colour to that dish eg – Green puri (with pinch or methi) or Yellow pancake (with carrot ). Simply put veggie in mixture. Add very little water and mix flour in this water.
  2. Juice it up: – Are you saying kids don’t like juices? They love it! Make fresh juice at home. You can mix carrot juice with orange; make smoothie with pumpkin (its sweet in taste). You can garnish water melon juice with mint and coriander.
  3. Add powdered vegetables: recently I have tried this with few clients. We use powdered spinach / moringa / wheat grass to tackle few health complaints in kids. Vegetable powder is available in the market. Add his to dals, gravies, etc.
  4. Finger foods: Finger foods are for toddlers and school going kids. But elderly kids also love this. Ex – nuggets, cutlets, etc. Add flavouring agents. It will hide original taste. Eg -add garlic / ginger / pepper to enhance favour.
  5. Desserts with veggies: – use bottle gourd / pumpkin / carrot / Sweet potato in desserts. They have sweet as a basic taste. It can go well in kheer, pudding, burfi etc.
  6. Baked foods with veggies: Best way to use this is to prepare pizza base at home. You can add cauliflower (steamed and sashed ) to the flour.
  7. Crunchy veggies: carrot / cucumber / salad eaves have crunchy texture. Use this in your salad and evening snacks. If you are serving namkin add some cut salad to it.

These are few ways to include vegetables in daily diet. Finally eating everything is also a part of discipline. Adopt healthy habits for complete family. This creates positive environment for the kid. You being a role model for kids is important. They are going to follow what you eat, how you play and react.

Foundations for health are built in early years of life. Follow these quick tips for your kid. Be persistent. You will see a difference. To get more such daily tips on whats app ping me – Nutritionist Divya on 9971828043. I love helping people make life healthy, make healthy food choices and be well. If you would like to get daily updates ping me on whats app 9971828043.

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