Healthy Breakfast

Healthy Breakfast : Power house for the day

Breakfast is a part of our daily diet. As the word suggests it actually means that breaking fast since last meal had in the night. After having dinner last night, breakfast is the meal which will give energy and boost to improve your day. Ideally one must fit in healthy breakfast in daily routine. Whether you are working, busy, mother, home maker, etc Make sure you start your day with right food. Read more

oats banana cookies

Oats banana cookies

Snacks should be healthy and tasty too. Usually we indulge on biscuits or processed food which is lying on the dinning table. Even high fiber biscuits donot serve the purpose.Recent i found a tasty and interesting solution for weight loss snacks. i had heard a lot about Oats Banana cookies. Read more

high protein foods

Ten tricks to improve protein intake in daily diet for vegetarians

We all know that we need to consume high protein intake diet. Carbs are not good. Processed food is harming our digestion. But then what to eat? If you are having this question, then check out these ten quick fix for high protein diet.

  • Use combination of flours – Roti is staple food and it is main part of our diet. Traditionally we are eating rotis in our major meals. Mix Wheat flour with soybean flour. One can also add besan or chana while grinding wheat. Use proportion of 4:1 (4 parts wheat and one part soybean). There will be changes in the proportion if you have any health complaint.
  • Use milk in preparations: If you have seen my video on improving protein intake it suggests you need to drink 3 servings of milk daily. If it is not possible for you, start using milk in food preparation. Knead the dough in milk. Add skim milk powder in roti, gravies and curries. How much amount you need will depend on your health goals.
  • Milk tea or coffee: – This is the best deal which suits my clients. If you like traditional tea, use milk to prepare this tea or coffee. Make sure you do not end up taking too much sugar with this, but milk tea or coffee is win- win.
  • Replace potato with paneer: Many times Indians use potato very frequently in cooking. May it be cauliflower veg or paratha. Replace potato with low fat paneer. You can reduce the quantity of potato and add up paneer.
  • Snacks on proteins: Sprouts are best snacks. They are filled with protein and taste great in salads, chat, curry etc. Whenever you feel hungry go for half cup steamed sprouts.
  • Nuts are best way to live healthy life: nuts are high In essential fatty acids. Vegetarians need that. Include nuts in between your meals. Almonds, walnut, pistachios, flax seeds, sunflower seeds are best option.
  • Add peanut butter in place of butter: – Peanut butter is not used in India very frequently, but it is available in market. One can prepare it at home also. You just need to put peanuts (roasted or raw – depends on you) blend it on push button. Keep blending it becomes oily. Applying this peanut butter is helpful. It adds up fat and protein intake too. Make sure it is not taken on daily basis as it is adding up to your fat intake too. For how much quantity, check your calorie requirements.
  • Add proteins to Vegetables preparations: – We have many vege preparations in Northern India. It contains paneer with veggies. Adding raw paneer, tofu or soy chunks will help in increasing protein content of the dish.
  • Add up high protein vegetables – Peas is one of the vegetable which contains more proteins in comparison of others.
  • Savouries in meal and servings: – Maharashtrian and south Indian meals contain chutney as savouries in lunch and dinner. There are variety of chutnies prepared. It tastes amazing with parathas, idi, dosa, roti etc. Make chutnies with flax seeds, sesame seeds, roasted chana etc. Replacing traditional coconut chutney with these things helps a lot.

If you have increased uric acid levels or small joint pain, high protein diet may not help you. In case of any medical condition do discuss first and then make changes to your diet.


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eating right in shift duty

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