indian traditional foods not to miss in daily diet

10 Indian traditional foods not to miss in daily meals to keep weight in control

This article is about Indian traditional foods which help in losing weight. In today’s time, fast food is part of our life. Traditional foods are on back step. Under the name of weight loss many things are available in the market. But, we should not overlook health benefits of our traditional foods.

Here are 10 Indian traditional foods not to miss in your daily meals to keep Weight in control:

  • Betel nut leaves: Traditionally betel nut leaves are consumed after finishing food. It is rich source of iron and calcium. These two minerals are essential for healthy bones and good stamina. These leaves help in improving digestion. Increases saliva secretion. It helps in treating gastric ulcers. Studies have shown positive effect on blood sugar levels. It also helps in constipation.
  • Coconut : This is another fruit used in traditional cooking. This is the base for various gravies. Fresh and dry coconut is high in fiber. It is also rich in monosaturated fat. Coconut oil helps in weight loss. It manages thyroid hormone levels. Add coconut in daily diet only if you do not have any heart disease.
  • Ghee: Clarified butter must be there in diet. There are various studies to support its benefits. Ghee helps in improving digesting fire. Manages acidity. Take 30% ghee from your total oil intake. In case of heart diseases restrict ghee intake.
  • Kasuri Methi: Green methi leaves are rich in iron and calcium. Calcium helps in keeping bones healthy. Add Kasuri methi when fresh leaves are not available. Its bitterness helps in detoxification. Removing toxins from body helps in keeping weight off.
  • Jeera: Jeera is rich in fiber again. Take jeera water early morning. It helps in constipation. Constipation is one of the biggest reason of obesity. All refined flour and junk food causes constipation.
  • Amla: Amla – Indian gooseberry helps in acidity, detoxification, improved digestion etc. I can be taken in fresh form, juice, dried, jam etc. Add 1 whole amla in daily diet to supplement your weight loss plan.

indian traditional foods not to miss in daily diet

  • Green gram – moong dal is prominently used in naturopathic treatments. It is low on calories, rich in protein and is easy to digest. Adding green gram soup for dinner is best idea.
  • Radish: – Radish is rich in minerals and fiber. Consume it as a salad or fresh juice. It helps in removing toxins from the body.
  • Cardamom: – spice up your weight loss shakes with cardamom. This flavouring spice helps in fat loss.
  • Curry leaves: They are used just for flavour in our cooking. Eating – chewing curry leaves help in burning fat. It also helps in controlling bad cholesterol. Add them to your morning juice and reap benefits.

These foods are easily available around you. My only intention is to make your ware. Adopt these foods along with right diet. Diet based on your required calories, carbs and proteins. This helps in giving actual result. To make it easy for you I have created one month weight loss plan. You simply have to follow it for complete one month along with daily exercise.

This weight loss plan is available for 1200 / 1500 / 1800Kcal only at Rs 700. You simply have to share your current weight and height with me. Will send you appropriate diet plan. To avail your plan ping me on 9971828043. 

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