5 tips to improve your gut bacteria and boost immunity

To digest food our intestine have healthy bacteria. Kind of diet follow on daily basis effect this micro flora. Bacteria helper us in proving absorption for certain nutrients. These nutrients help you in boosting your immediate and keeping in good health. If there are bad bacteria that affect your health negatively. This load on nutrient absorption, hamper your hormonal levels and overall health. Entrance only few foods can help you in improving good bacterias. here are 5 tips to improve your gut bacteria and Boost Your immunity:


  1. Have variety of food: First thing is to control consumption of processed food. Processed food like Bakery products, biscuit, bread, pizza, pasta, aeriated beverages etc. 400000 in nutrients and fibre. They also kill good bacteria in our intestine. So it can lead to infection and frequent illnesses. And variety of fresh food. Include at least 2 fresh fruit and 3 fresh vegetables in a daily diet. Fibre coming from these things help you in removing bad bacteria. Few food like coriander, curry leaves, Tulsi, green leafy vegetables, amla, I good.


  1. Get benefit from fermented food: Fermented foods contain lactobacillus. Food such as curd, Idli batter, dosa batter are good. Only make sure there not fermented for long time. Fermentation for few hours is helpful. Add curd or buttermilk in your daily diet. Before adding flavoured yoghurt, make sure it is not rich in sugar and added preservatives.


  1. Reduce the consumption of sugar artificial sweeteners: Studies have shown that consuming lot of sugar affect your blood gut microflora negatively. It promotes growth of bad bacteria. Daily you can consume 2 to 3 spoons of sugar. If you’re taking more than that this, it is considered as increased sugar consumption.


  1. Increase consumption of probiotics: Probiotics are foods which improve good bacteria in intestine. Probiotics are helpful in irritable bowel syndrome, infectious diseases, managing insulin levels, few skin diseases, oral health etc. Probiotic foods such as yogurt, kefire, pickles, temphe etc are good. There is also something known as resistance starch. Include cooked rice pasta to get benefits from resistance starch.


  1. Add polyphenols in your daily diet: Polyphenols are plant compounds. You can get from red wine, berries, almonds, onions, garlic, broccoli, greentea etc. The improve good bacteria in our intestine.

Implementing this thing will eventually help you in boosting your immunity. Make sure this is followed with healthy diet. Let me know if you have any query based on above tips, we can discuss here.

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