What are the types of oats and how to make it a part of your diet in just 7 days!

Market is flooded with various types of oats. You must have heard about the steeled oats rolled oats. But what is the basic difference? Nutritionally all they are same? If you have these questions let’s find out:  Start reading nutrition label. Whenever you pick up any packet look for its nutrition lable.

 Oats Bran:  once oats are harvested grain is removed. It is separated from husk. So what else is called as oat bran. It is prepared from outer portion of oat grain. This is very nutritious. It contains more amount of magnesium,fibre, protein then any other form of phone. It is best to fulfill your hunger. Add oat bran to your morning breakfast.

 Oat Groat or grain:   This is similar to rice or whole wheat. It is in the form of grain. It is not much used in Asian countries. It takes long time to cook. Since it is whole grain, it contains more amount of protein and fibre. You can try cooking oat groat as rice.

 Steel cut Oats:  They are broken oats grain. They still take longer time than other forms of oats. Look like broken wheat. After cooking it’s a bit in chewy in texture. You can soak it in water or milk before cooking. And still cut oats for dinner.

 Squattish Oats :  There are better in action than Steel cut oats. It’s a mixture of granules and oat powder. Traditionally people opt for squatish oats.

 Rolled oats:  this is the most common form of oats available in the market. Fibre content is less. The cook in 4 to 7 minutes. Many times they are used in bakery product.

Quick Rolled oats:  They cook within 2 to 3 minutes. That’s why there’s quick rolled oats. This is the most processed form of oat. its fiber is as low as 4 gm per 100 gm.

Oat flour:  Oat flour is also used. Oats are grilled. They make flour of it.

 Next time when you are looking for oats, make sure you go for steel cut oats. You can also think for rolled oats. Oatmeal is another name for rolled oats.

 I know it is difficult to include oats in daily diet. There are other ways to include oats. You can make delicious oats recipes interest 15 to 20 minutes. And all this will help you in getting more and more healthier. You can get all this under Oat Meal health booster Plan. This plan covers more than 20 years recipes. Beef recipes are tried and tested. To know more you can ping me on 9971828043.

oatmeal booster plan

How oats can help you in improving digestion and boost health in just 7 days!

Healthy and good for heart. I am sure you know this fact. Oat are good to improve digestion also. It is very important to have good digestion. If your digestive system is sluggish and working slowly, it affects your work, level of concentration, physical activity etc.

Fibre is good for health. It held in proper exemption of nutrients. Fibrous foods and not digested in our intestine. Many eat food is fibrous foods reached in intestine. The band with excess sugar, fat, cholesterol. And remove them from our body.

Are a good source of fibre. Approximately 100 gram old provide 11 grams of fibre. In a day women should consume 25 grams and men must take 36 gm of fibre. There are two types of fibre, when is soluble and another is insoluble fibre. Soluble fibre bikes with water and forms soft gel. You can have cable fibre when you have loose motions. Ripped Banana, cooked Apple, guava contain soluble fibre.

Insoluble fibre actually works as broom. Its threads absorb water. Carry it till the gut area. Help in removing all the unwanted material. It contain soluble and insoluble fibre. I t’s mainly known as beta glucan. Oats contain resistant starch.

Including just one cup of oats porridge in a day, will help you to give your fibre intake. It is basically a combination of fiber. In excreting toxins, sugar, cholesterol. So it helps in improving your nutrient absorption also.

Improve digestion helps a lot in managing acidity. Basically, constipation problem is released. So your body start secreting letter said and other hormones. It works on food which were eating. It also helps in regulating your energy level. You Feel good and energetic throughout the day.

I know it is difficult to include Spanish in daily diet. There are other ways to include oats. You can make delicious oats recipes interest 15 to 20 minutes. And all this will help you in getting more and more healthier. You can get all this under Oat Meal health booster Plan. This plan covers more than 20 years recipes. Beef recipes are tried and tested. To know more you can ping me on 9971828043.

Oats Idli Recipe

Starting this week will share quick recipes with Oats. This is very healthy cereal available in today’s time.

But I am sure you get irritated with same oats porridge every day. Use these oats recipes for your breakfast or Dinner. Make healthy and complete meals.

Oats Idli:

Do you enjoy south Indians food? Then you would love this quick Idli recipe.

What all you will need to make oats Idli?

Oats: 50 gm

Suji: 50 grm

Curd: 50 gm

Carrot: 50 grm

Coriander leaves: 1-2 strands

Salt for taste

Jeera for taste

Ketch up or Green chutney to serve with.

How to Make:

  1. Mix oats, suji and curd. Blend it in food processor. Make fine paste. Do not add more water. Maintain consistency.
  2. Wash and clean carrot and coriander leaves. Grate carrot, chop leaves. Mix it with oats suji mixture.
  3. Keep this aside for 30 mins.
  4. Add salt, jeera t the mixture.
  5. Apply some oil on Idli stand plates.
  6. Add mixture and steam it for 20 mins
  7. Serve while with ketch up or green chutney.

In between, you can add onion, tomatoes etc as per your choice. Grated carrot really gives nice colour.

Let me know how do you find this?

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