how to reduce stress

Seven ways to reduce stress

Stress is the integral part of our lives. We have learned in our childhood that stress is good and bad. In today’s life we have more demanding situations at work, home etc. Some times it becomes too taxing to manage physical and mental stress. Read more

cope with anxiety and dipression

6 strategies to help you cope with anxiety and depression

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in 10 U.S. adults report depression on some level, some more severe than others. Anxiety is a very common mental disorder that affects 40 million adults in the U.S. Of the people with depression, about 50 percent also suffer from an anxiety disorder. Read more

10 Mins Stress Buster Techniques

Do you think you are fit? A flat tummy with a very impressive physique may not explain that well. Actually being fit has a wider horizon which includes your mental fitness as well. Stress, a main source of degrading mental health, is quite common in persons who are heavily laden with work. Read more

Effect of negative thinking on Health

Negative thinking is a kind of thought which leads to immediate hazardous impact on our life as well as on our body. The moment we starts thinking negatively, it hinders all our positive thoughts and makes us unable to do what we really want in our life. Negative feeling always comes with a worse feeling and loss of excitement in life. Read more