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Secrets To Alter Your Gut Micro Flora & Improve Your Weight Loss, Memory & Diabetes Instantly

Gut micro flora affects your health to a great extend. What you eat affects at every level of your health. This is majority influenced by micro organisms present in your gut. We know that we have thousand no of bacteria and viruses. Few of them are helpful.

Recent studies suggest gut micro organisms also affect your DNA make up. This affects your health in long run. It helps in improving your immunity against few diseases.

Processed foods loaded with sugar and refined flour affect gut flora negatively. They vanish healthy bacteria in gut and thus are linked to weight gain and obesity related issues.

Few healthy bacteria are associated with fiber rich foods. They contain and help them grow in gut. Bacteria such as muciniphelia helps reduce body fat percentage.

Fermentation process improves micro organisms in food. They are called as Probiotics. Probiotics help in inflammatory diseases such as Irritable bowl syndrome. This inflammation is also affected on memory and brain activities. Helpful microbes prevent these inflammatory actions. And enhances basic functioning.

Natural foods such as whole foods, fiber rich foods, fermented foods are healthful in this sense. At the same time sugar and sugary food encourage yeast growth which affects these helpful bacteria’s negatively.

Improving gut flora helps in type 2 diabetes. Basically increased fiber intake promotes healthy bacteria. They bind with excess sugar, improve insulin response. Thus helps in improving blood sugar levels.

gut micro flora

how to lose weight

How did Smriti Met Her Weight loss Goal in 6 months?

Today I have a story to share with you. Very special story.

In my routine practice Smriti approached me for her weight loss struggle. Being in late 20s she was career aspirant and New home maker. Her stressfull work left her no room for cooking and exercising. Since her childhood she was on bulky side. Various times she gave up on her weight loss efforts for reasons. Some times it was no time for exercise, some times it was FOOD. This time she was completed prepared to lose weight and be on her ideal no on weighing scale.

Understanding her situation we started with a basic plan. She started taking out 20 mins in the morning for her workout + 20 mins for cooking. We sta down and actually found out healthy recipes which will help her. Her weekly plans helped her to Plan her week.

In first week it self she lost 700gram which was biggest boost for her. She continued in her 2nd and 3rd week with another 2 kg weight loss. Within these 3 weeks she changed only 3 things:

  1. Continuous food planning as per her routine and requirements ( BMR and working routine)
  2. Started with 20 mins exercise (It helped her as she was not active at all).
  3. Improving fiber intake. As a strategy we started with high fiber diet from 2nd week.

After 6 weeks she lost 3.5 kg. and weight was stuck. That’s the time she started getting hyper. Her concern was – why she is not able to change this now ? By this time she was @ 67Kg. Her target was still long way. Her ideal weight was 55, which was long way for her.

In following 3-4 weeks we made changes in Diet and exercise again. This time it was little tough:

  1. Exercise time was extended to 40 mins from 20 min. (20 Morning+ 10 Lunch time + 10 min in the evening)
  2. High protein foods: Her protein intake was improved. We changed the nos.

So on she went on to her weight loss journey over 20 weeks. She lost almost 6 kg and was at 60 kg. By this time Smriti was most healthy, active and productive. Besides weight loss she experienced better sin health, good textured hair and improved mental balance. Her work performance was also improved. Now she was not distracted with her Weight. Every time she was able to focus on her performance.

Moral of the story is every person has some or the other stumbling blocks for weight loss. But you need to accept one thing, only you can help your self. Experts are there to guide you. Whats your concern about weight loss? Whats stopping you from being healthy? You can share it here:

What you must know about including fresh juices and healthy living in today time?

You must be knowing fresh fruit juice is better than can attend juice. Canned juices contains added sugar and preservatives. They are not very good for our health. They add on to empty calorie. All the advertisement save the rich in certain vitamins and minerals, it is always better to add fresh fruit juice.

But the real question is should you also considered fresh juices for whole fruit? Here are few facts which will help you to select your juices or fresh fruits:

1. Fresh fruit juices are in concentrated form: For example if you’re considering orange juice it is concentrated in vitamin C and vitamin A. For a person who is recovering from any disease health problem, this juice is ideal. For a person who is normal and living healthy life, must consider eating whole orange.

2. Fresh vegetable juices are also recommended in few cases: You must have had a lot about smoothies these days. Are these smoothies really helpful? Yes smoothies are healthy. As mentioned above they are concentrated, rich source of nutrients. They help you in improving their nutrients consumption. One can start his day with a glass of fresh smoothie to improve immunity and over all health.

3. How about juice diet or smoothie diet? Juices are low on calorie. If you are taking it for longer time, make sure it is providing you essential calories. Any diet which provides let them thousand calories is not good. Having low calorie diet affects your energy level, it also affect your metabolism. You should always do such specialized diet under supervision.

4. What’s the best way to get benefits of such juices and smoothies? You can replace one meal of the day with fresh smoothie. Basic difference between smoothie and Juice is, smoothie is thick. It contains more ingredients, this is rich in nutrients. You can add high protein foods to your smoothie juices. This will improve its calorie and nutrient level.

Bottom line here is, first consider adding whole fruit in your daily life. Secondly you can add smoothie, juices, provided you have good balance.

lemon juice

Should you consider taking lime juice every day?

This is a very common question come across you also must be thinking you will start taking lime juice and honey everyday in the morning which will help you in losing weight. Some people benefit with some people do not full stop actually the fact is that you need to manage your diet and lifestyle to get the defect full form doing only one thing minute help you in losing weight for example if you are taking lime juice and honey every day in the morning but not able to follow your diet today it might not help you in losing weight. Here are few quick facts about lime juice you will get clear Idea whether you should include in daily diet or not.

Basic reason behind including lines in daily diet is its alkaline nature. Basically lemon is rich in ascorbic acid. No and name suggest it is a acid so its pH is less than 7. Any food who is pH less than 7 is acidic in nature. Now you can think if this food is acidic in nature is it good for me or bad? So that’s totally depends on your health on your body type. Few people did acidity after taking lemon in the morning do people feel good. So the secret is alkaline or acidity effect on our body.

Although lemon pH is less than 7 and it is acidic in nature it has alkaline effect after consuming. Kidney help maintain blood PH. 1 food is consumed it goes to kidney. It remove excess acid and maintains blood PH. Like foods rich in protein made chicken or acidic in nature. At the same time fresh fruits vegetables serials are alkaline in nature.

Expert suggest that consuming lot of acidic foods may harm your health. Processed food edited beverage accident. The food in hybrid calcium absorption in our bones. They also says that this foods produce Cancer generating cells. Best things to increase consumption of Alkaline food in daily diet.

Lemon has acidic pH but when it is consumed and digested it has alkaline effect. Does it plays major role in removing other toxins from our body. In case of weight loss it also helps in maintaining metabolism. Vitamin C helps in improving your iron absorption also. Regular consuming lemon help you in preventing kidney stone. So if you really want to benefit from lemon you can include in your daily diet. But if you get acidity after consuming lemon early in the morning stop doing that. You can include lemon in your lunch dinner or snacks.

I am sure and knowing this fact about lemon will help you. Make sure you do not rely on only one thing to get health benefits. Next time when you go for Honey lemon in the morning, I am sure you know why you’re taking it.

10 kg weight loss challenege

10 kg Weight Loss Challenge

Are you ready to bring your dream to reality and be at your ideal body weight? If yes then you are at right place. This post will help you in achieving your dream just in 12 weeks. Losing weight and being healthy is not a rocket science. It is all about consistency, selecting healthy foods and regular exercise. If you combine all these three things together you will reach to your goal.

Every journey has pits and fall, so weight loss has. Right changes in diet will help you to boost fat loss. Lose fat, improve muscle mass. This will not only help you lose weight and look great but will boost your energy levels, confidence and overall performance.

*This challenge is not for everyone. If you are determined for your health goal then only go for it. For coming 12 weeks you will be dedicating you’re eating habits, food choices for better health. Irrespective of your work schedule, travel schedule we make it happen within 12 weeks. Every week your challenge will be to lose 1 kg. At the end of 12 weeks you can drop min 10 kg*.

I am not referring to any trick or weight loss medicine. It is purely based on right diet and exercise. Every week you get personalised diet plan and exercise plan. You need to follow it thoroughly. Update me at the end of the day. Weekly update your stats and track weekly progress.

This program is conducted online. Your sessions are scheduled on skype. You will be connected with me over what app and update me here on your daily progress.

I am Nutritionist divya help people live healthy food choices, live healthy & disease free life. I want to help you reach your health goal and make this journey doable. *You can enrol for 10 Kg Challenge for just $150 instead of $300. This special discount is available only for today. Revert to this message Ping me on 9971828043 on whats app to enrol now*.

Nutritionist Divya

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