10 Fruits And Vegetables Are Great To Have This Summer

Fruits and vegetables

“Sand and Sun, Summer has begun!”

Yes, summers are around the corner, and we are already feeling the rising temperatures. You can’t ask the sun to shine a little lesser but you definitely can try out this DUS KA DUM, power packed fruits and veggies that are sure to make your summer, a super summer.

Cucumber: It contains 99% of water, which keeps the body refreshed and cool. It is also a great source of Vitamin c, Potassium, Silica. You can add it to your sandwich or salad, or take out its juice and drink a glassful. You can even apply it on your skin, it’s the best toner.

Watermelon: It’s refreshing because of its high water content. Watermelon also helps you to prevent weight gain as it takes most of the part of your stomach and YO YO, you feel less hungry, lesser calorie intake and a beach-ready bikini body. How well does this sound?

Lemon: This is a miraculous vegetable or fruit, however, you may put in. It is a great source of vitamin C. Lemon sodas, lemon water, green tea infused with lemon or anything and everything that has a lemon to it is great for you. It keeps the body hydrated, lowering the body temperature and you feel less hot. It also helps fight sunburn

Mint: It not only is good for blood formation in body but is also great for maintaining water content in the body. Mint can be added to lemonades or curd or add mint to your favorite parantha. Mint chutney is a must have this summer. It not only ignites your taste buds but is also great for your health.

Bitter gourd: It lowers the sugar level, maintains immunity, is good for your tired eyes, cleanses the liver and what not.

Melons: Muskmelons, dessert melons, sun-kissed melons; all are good for you. They are a high source of water.

Onions: You may despise their smell but they are storehouses of Vitamin C and A and quercitin. They also lower the production of bad cholesterol protects the body against sun strokes and helps to thin blood as well.

Tomatoes: They help flush out toxins from body besides contain 98% water.

Lettuce: Lettuce leaves are also stored houses of water. They are low in calorie but rich in Omega fats.

Bottle Gourd: Loki, gheya or bottle guard contains. Being high on water content it helps fight fatigue. It makes the most yummies raita.

Grab a glass of Pina colada or lime soda, wear your flip flop, bathe in your sunscreen lotions, glam up with a hat or a shade and you are good to go with these summer friendly veggies and fruits to take care of your belly.

“So go out and get tanned, Tan will fade off, But memories shall last you forever.”

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