10 kg Weight Loss Challenge

10 kg weight loss challenege

Are you ready to bring your dream to reality and be at your ideal body weight? If yes then you are at right place. This post will help you in achieving your dream just in 12 weeks. Losing weight and being healthy is not a rocket science. It is all about consistency, selecting healthy foods and regular exercise. If you combine all these three things together you will reach to your goal.

Every journey has pits and fall, so weight loss has. Right changes in diet will help you to boost fat loss. Lose fat, improve muscle mass. This will not only help you lose weight and look great but will boost your energy levels, confidence and overall performance.

*This challenge is not for everyone. If you are determined for your health goal then only go for it. For coming 12 weeks you will be dedicating you’re eating habits, food choices for better health. Irrespective of your work schedule, travel schedule we make it happen within 12 weeks. Every week your challenge will be to lose 1 kg. At the end of 12 weeks you can drop min 10 kg*.

I am not referring to any trick or weight loss medicine. It is purely based on right diet and exercise. Every week you get personalised diet plan and exercise plan. You need to follow it thoroughly. Update me at the end of the day. Weekly update your stats and track weekly progress.

This program is conducted online. Your sessions are scheduled on skype. You will be connected with me over what app and update me here on your daily progress.

I am Nutritionist divya help people live healthy food choices, live healthy & disease free life. I want to help you reach your health goal and make this journey doable. *You can enrol for 10 Kg Challenge for just $150 instead of $300. This special discount is available only for today. Revert to this message Ping me on 9971828043 on whats app to enrol now*.

Nutritionist Divya

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