10 Things You Must Know About Hypothyroidsm


Hypothyroidism is a condition where thyroid hormone is underactive. This hormone helps in keeping up with body’s metabolism. Due to low levels of hormone metabolism is slow. This is the reason you tend to gain weight. Here are 20 things you must know about hypothyroidism.

  1. Hypothyroidism is not only affected by adults. It can occur in kids too.
  2. There is no known reason for hypothyroidism. Toxicity, pregnancy, fever, autoimmune conditions can trigger hypothyroidism.
  3. You feel fatigues, tired, have cold sensations, hair loss, puffy face, muscle weakness, impaired memory due to hypothyroidism.
  4. Untreated thyroid condition is not good for health.
  5. Hypothyroidism during pregnancy need attention. Proper medication and dietary changes help in achieving the balance.
  6. Improving iodine intake may help in treating hypothyroidism.
  7. Foods to be avoided by hypothyroid patients are walnut, soybean, iron supplements, etc.
  8. Regular exercise helps in restoring thyroid health. It helps in losing weight.
  9. Daily meditation and deep breathing practices help in managing depression related to hypothyroidism.
  10. Zinc rich foods such as chicken, pork, red meat, whole grains help in improving hair texture, stop hair fall and skin texture.


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