21 days weight loss challenge

How 21 Days Weight Loss Challenge Works?

21 Days Weight Loss Challenge involved 3 weeks active program for all the participants. For good results, the mentioned routine is needed to be follow regularly. Each process is mentioned clearly here, so that participant can understand and follow the process easily. Following are details how it will work?

Week1: – Detox diet plan. In first 4-5 days we start with detox diet plan. This enables your system to absorb nutrients properly, remove toxins from body, improve sleep and digestion. As a result of this process you also feel light, energetic and enthusiastic.

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Week 2: – based on recent studies and researchers have identified few foods which cause food intolerance. We avoid consuming these foods. But then question remains what to eat and drink during this period. This week contains specialised diet plan. Few food items you might have not tasted yet or will have not buy. Keeping stock of these foods will help you keep going.

Week 3: – We reintroduce foods which were eliminated from week 1 and 2. On daily basis you need to record changes you get. Example after adding any particular food you might feel bloated, heavy, constipated or even changes in skin texture. Such foods still needs to be avoided. You can try and add the again after 3 months.

Completing this 3 weeks programs helps you work on weight which was tough to lose, work on weight loss plateau etc. Sugar cravings is addressed so nicely that you will not ask to include sugar again in your diet.

Join 21 days Weight Loss Challenge if you really want to adopt personalised eating habits, lose weight (which was really difficult to shed), Get healthy skin, improved sleep patterns. Share with your friends or family if needed.

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