5 Ways To Keep Yourself Energetic During Rising Mercury


Its already a month of April and rising mercury is taking a toll on our head. Very first effect of increasing heat on our body is ‘you feel drained out”. Not only kids but elderly people also feel tired and drained out during summers. Only ting behind this is dehydration!

You might think I drink enough water! During summers water is lost in the form of sweat. At the same time you lose electrolytes. Loss of electrolytes makes you feel low, low on energy, drained out, sleepy and tired. For kids also it is essential to maintain electrolytes and keep hydrated. If you are in sun for few hours of the day make sure you keep your self hydrated.

How to keep your self hydrated during this summer:

  1. Drink enough water during day time: Make sure you drink enough water before leaving home or office. Follow this specially during noon time. Usually If you are drinking 3 lit water increase it further by half a lit on daily basis.

  1. Add up electrolytes; Electrolytes such as sodium and potassium are essential. Drink juices which are rich in electrolytes. Juices like fresh coconut water, lemon water, mint water, etc. are helpful.

  1. Don’t load up sugar: drinking sugary drinks will leave you thirsty. Adding lot of sugar to your summer drinks leads to dehydration. You will not be able to satisfy your thirst. Keep your sugar intake to 2 tsp per day. Even adding honey is not a smart way.

  1. Include fresh fruits which are rich in water: Water melon, musk melon are summer fruits. Include them during your day time. When you are hungry try to eat these fruits. They will replenish your electrolytes and water loses. Cucumber, onion also help during summers. These vegetables help in keeping cool.

  1. Limit intake of pickles, spicy and fried food; These foods leave you dehydrated. You feel thirsty after consuming them. Limit their intake during afternoon time. Replace them with curd, butter milk and yogurts (less sugar).

These are easy and doable tips. Discuss them with your family and make sure kids also follow these.

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