6+ Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar also know as ACV is helpful in weight loss. This is made up of apple juice. it is fermented and is rich source of probiotics. Studies also suggests that ACV is beneficial in managing blood sugar levels, skin acne and pigmentation etc. Here are 6+ health benefits of Apple cider vinegar.

  1. Has antibacterial effects: – ACV helps in killing harmful bacteria. Vinegar it self has antibacterial properties. One can use ACV to preserve food. If it is consumed it helps in keeping all bacterial infection away.
  2. Helps in control Blood sugar levels and diabetes: Consuming ACV before meals helps in managing insulin levels. It also helps in Prediabetes. 2 Table spoon of ACV taken at bed time helps in lowing fasting blood sugar. it also improves insulin sensitivity which is very important in managing type 2 Diabetes.
  3. Helps in fat loss and reducing belly fat: ACV taken before meals helps in improving satiety. It helps when an individual is taking high carb meals. He feels full and tend to eat fewer calories.
  4. Controls bad cholesterol and improves heart health: Studies have shown ACv helps in reducing LDL cholesterol. Thus indirectly it helps in managing heart diseases.
  5. Helps in treating acne and skin pigmentation: As vinegar has antibacterial properties it helps a lot in skin pigmentation and acne treatments. Consuming ACV for 3 months can given significant effects on skin pigmentation, acne and skin glow.
  6. Controls Blood Pressure: Acetic acid present in ACV helps in managing Blood pressure.

To reap these benefits you can include ACv in daily routine. Best way to incorporate it in diet is to use in cooking. Regular vinegar can be replaced with ACV in preparations such as salad dressing, mayonnaise etc. Few people also dilute it in water and take before meals. You must start with small quantity and then increase. If you have acidity and digestion related issue do discuss with experts before experimenting.


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