6 Myths About Weight Loss Which Actually Can Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss tips

Its great that you are stumbled upon this right up! And it also supports that you are trying to lose weight. In today’s time weight loss is not just a task but one must make it a lifestyle. And you look at any person who has lost significant amount of weight has made it a lifestyle change.

To help you further on this lifestyle change journey I would like to pin point few myths. These myths about weight loss actually keep you away from you dream health and hold you back from reaching to your targe

  • To lose weight you need to eat less.

This is the biggest myth about weight loss. You also must have realized over the period of time that weight loss is not about eating less, it is about eating right at right time. You simply need to correct your meal timing and food choice. To help you understand about healthy eating, I have created a special audio course. This 20 minutes course helps you learn about healthy meals. You can know more about it here.

  • To get quick results you need to double up your exercise time

Pls don’t do that. Don’t kill yourself with excess exercise and workout. This creates additional stress and your body need to work more to handle that. Weight loss is not everything about Food but it is also about how this food is metabolized. And to metabolize this food in body enzymes and hormones play major role. You need to increase exercise gradually. Be active on daily basis. At the same time take ample amount of sleep.

  • To lose weight you need to eat lots of proteins:

Yes proteins are important. What you are reading about proteins is right but make sure your body is ready to digest these proteins. If you have any health complaint like constipation, acidity, diabetes, kidney disorders etc you need to talk to a Dietitian. Adding unnecessary proteins and protein supplements harms your body. First improve your protein foods intake, then improve your exercise and then think about additional protein intake.

  • To lose weight you need to avoid carbs

You must have learned about rle of carbs in your school days. Do you remember in science lecture they mentioned that carbs are first energy source. In today’s time our diet is dominated by processed foods. And they are rich in unhealthy carbs. Before excluding those rotis and rice from your diet, make sure you are not taking processed foods. This will help you in keeping up with energy levels and optimum health.

  • Any supplement or tablet can help me in losing weight:

Don’t waste your money and energy on unnecessary supplements. Weight loss is about losing fat and improving muscle mass. This can only happen with right Cabrs / Fat and protein intake. If you are sure that you are eating them in right quantity then think about supplements. But taking any weight loss supplement and not sticking to diet plan is wrong. It will mess up.

  • Weight loss is all about reducing weight on scale:

If you are able to manage your diet (with right carbs / fats / proteins) and exercise two things happen in your body. You start building muscles and losing fat. So there is a possibility that you lose inches and not much weight. This means your muscles improve and toning is happening. This is good sign.

So correct these myths in your weight loss plans. Eat right at right time, have sound sleep and avoid stress. Make healthy living a way of life than just 3months or 5 months target.

If you are looking for personalized help and struggling with weight loss leave a line here. I would help you achieve your goals.

i am Divya working healthcare professional, a mother and musician who loves helping people find ways for healthy living, relationships, career choices, Fitness and physical health etc . Living healthy life and finding ways to make it happening in today's life is what i help doing people. Thank you for visiting my blog and stay tuned!

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