6 Reasons To Include Nuts in Daily Diet

health benefits of nuts

Nuts are nutrient rich. We all know that nuts provide protein and good fats. But there are many more health benefits when you eat nuts. They are best as snacks. Do you remember as a kid you used to get handful of cashew or raisins from granny. These nuts and dried fruits were used as reward foods. Cause they must be taken in less quantity. But are very powerful.

So, here are 6 big reasons you must start eating nuts on daily basis and reap its health benefits:

Quick reasons why you must include nuts in your daily diet..

1.  Help in weight loss. They are right h in Essential fatty acids and protein . They also contain same amount of fibre in its skin. Studies have shown regular consumption of nuts helps in losing weight. As you add them up in your snacks between lunch and dinner, there are less chances you will indulge on anything else. And its nutrients help you burn more fat.

2. Nuts help you control your hunger and appetite: Loaded with nutrients like protein, omega 3 fatty acids ; they trigger hormonal balance. These nutrients take longer time to digest. So you would not feel hungry very quickly after taking them. For anyone who has sugar cravings almonds is the best option. Its magnesium content helps you in managing cravings.

3. Eating nuts actually help you burn more calories : Nuts contain good fat. Instead of having high fat Milk products like cheese or high fat paneer go for nuts. They help you burn stored body fat. Also help in removing excess fat through gut.

4. Improve heart health: Consumption of Almonds and walnuts strengthens your heart. Fatty acid help you improve your cholesterol and triglyceride levels. They reduces further damage to your Heart.

5. Nuts help you look Younger : All nuts are loaded with micro nutrients like magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium etc. These nutrients are good for your skin. The help you eliminate toxins from the body. It also helps in lowering skin wrinkles. You must have seen many products contain walnut, almond oil in skin care products. Outer application is essential but if you include it in your diet, it helps you to nourish.

6. Help to lover sugar levels: Like carbohydrates, nuts do not release glucose instantly . If nuts taken during snacks time, help manage blood sugar levels. It also help you to improve insulin function in the body.

Next make a smart move and go nutty way. Add up feastful of nuts for healthy skin, less wrinkles and improved fat loss.  Don’t just  stick to almond and walnut but also include pistachios, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts etc.

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