6 Reasons You Still Have bulging Belly!

how to reduce bulging belly

If you are trying to Lose weight or to be healthy, bulging belly is the biggest problem.  Many times I get questions related to bulging belly. I am following the healthy diet, still I am not able to take control of my bulging belly.

Here are  6 things  which contribute to your bulging belly. If you manage them in your daily diet and routine you can aim for reducing your waist size.

1. Sugary foods: Sugar is the biggest reason for bulging belly. If you are doing set of abs everyday, cut down your sugar consumption also. Cut down or stop sugar in your daily diet. This will start giving results in within weeks time. Remember you also consider hidden sources of Sugar like biscuits, cookies, processed food, juices etc. Consider this along with cutting back regular sugar.

2. Alcohol: if you have heard about bear belly it affects your waist size. excess alcohol consumption hampers fat loss. It will not metabolize stored fat in the body.

3. Trans fatty acids: These are Form of fatty found in  bakery foods. When liquid oil is converted to solid form trans fatty acids are formed. They are not good for heart, insulin activity etc. Causes accumulation of fat near belly area. So make sure your diet does not contain any of these. Every time you pick processed food, read its nutrition lable.

4. Lack of proteinProteins help Satisfy your hunger. In Low protein diet, carbs intake is more. If you increase simple carbs as sugar or refunded flour it is accumulated as fat in the body. High protein diets keep you full for longer time. It also helps to  improve metabolism and the way you deal with other nutrients. Make sure you select good quality proteins in daily diet like egg whites, grilled chicken, lean fish, Milk, Soybean, pulses etc.

5. Unhealthy gut bacteria: Gut bacteria affects your immunity. unhealthy bacteria in gut accumulate fat and toxins in the body. Regular consumption of probiotic foods helps in maintaining gut flora.

6. Stress levels:  Cortisol is the hormone related to stress. if you have stressful life it will lead to obesity.  stress triggers over eating…may be it in unknowingly but it leads to empty calory consumption. this I the biggest reason for bulging belly. as it contributes to hormonal imbalance in the body.

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