6 Things That Make you French Without Saying You’re French

The hit Netflix show ‘Emily in Paris’ gave viewers from all over the world a fashionable insight into the French world. From extravagant outfits, to little cafes by the street, anyone who watched the show was mesmerized by French culture.

Even for those who haven’t seen the show, French culture has been glamorized and romanticized in movies and songs for years. To someone who isn’t a local, France looks mysterious and charming.

To locals, it is the home they never want to leave because it offers them the nostalgia no other culture can give them. They enjoy work-life balance, and you can enjoy some too as you browse through NetBet in your free time.

So what makes a French person French? Is it the fashion? The ways they greet everyone that passes them by? The romance that seems to follow them everywhere they go? This article discusses 6 things that make you French without having to say that you’re French.

1.  The Accent

This one is a little obvious, but very important. The French love to make everything they say sound like it should belong in a romance novel.

When they’re speaking in English, they produce guttural Rs, and replace their ‘th’ with ‘z’. They also never pronounce the ‘h’ in any word. It’s always silent. Even more striking is the physical difference in the way they speak. French people use minimal tongue movements to produce the words they speak.

As soon as they begin to speak, the French are easily identifiable as French. Even those who study years abroad still have a hint of it left to be identified with.

2.  A Sweet Breakfast

Whether it’s bacon and eggs in America, or parathas and curries in Asia, breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. And it’s usually savory all around the world.

The French, however, enjoy their sweet tooth. The French breakfast usually comprises pastries, cake, muffins, waffles and pancakes with a side of coffee.

If you come across someone looking to satisfy their sweet tooth at breakfast, it’s plausible that they have some French blood in their genes!

3.  Affection

France isn’t known for romance without reason. The French are extremely affectionate and don’t shy away from public displays of affection. Their hellos and goodbyes include kisses on each cheek.

It’s not like the French kiss strangers, but they extend this courtesy to their friends and acquaintances. This practice is known as ‘faire la bise’, and is an important part of French culture.

4.  It’s not Always Bonjour

To someone who isn’t a local, Bonjour is the right way to greet someone in France. While that’s true to an extent, the French like to spice this up by occasionally alternating with Bonsoir instead.

There’s no hard and fast rule for this, but a French person is usually comfortable with the switch and knows when to make it. For those who aren’t French, the random switches can feel awkward and you can notice them struggling with this.

5.  Four Meals a Day

The three meal culture that most of the world follows consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner. While some people like to eat snacks, the French take this one step further and incorporate a late afternoon meal to the mix.

Known as ‘Le quatre-heures’, this meal is characterized by sweet treats like pastries and cakes. The name literally translates to 4 O’clock, which goes on to reflect the time the meal is usually taken at.

6.  The Work Culture

Contrary to popular belief, the work culture of the French isn’t as laid back as TV shows would have you believe. The French are very hard working people who believe in maximizing their productivity.

However, a French person knows how important work-life balance is. This is mainly due to the fact that this balance is protected by the law. They’re on the job for 35 hours every week and company’s can be forced to compensate workers if they make them do overtime.

Knowing when to work, but also fully embracing relaxation times is at the core of a French person.

Ambrose Lennon

The author Ambrose Lennon