7 Habits That Can Affect Your Health

Healthy Habits

It is said HEALTH IS WEALTH, PRESERVE IT. But in our busy schedule, we often negate this important fulcrum, health, on which our very life stands.  Habits form part of ourselves and we find it difficult to understand if a particular habit is bad for your health. But if something goes wrong with your health, you need to introspect your habits. Something somewhere is wrong.

Are you the one who is finding it hard to identify the habit that is taking a toll on your health? Then this one is for you, especially.

Here is a list of seven habits that we need to give up to be a healthy individual.

Skipping breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day which one should never skip. Not having breakfast slows the metabolism rate. This also makes you eat more of lunch and dinner. If in hurry one can munch on dry fruits and a banana while on way to office or college.

Smoking: Nicotine in cigarettes is bad not just for your brain but it impairs every body part over a span of time. Every puff is fatal. The nicotine kick may take you to another world but it’s also taking your world away from you.


Watching too much television: Idle and nothing to do, television is what we all end up watching. While TV is a source of entertainment, it can also make you over think and you may end in depression. We munch on snacks and our whole attention is glued to television we forget to take count of how much we are eating.

Drinking too often: While some alcohol, if taken in moderation like the red wine is good for health. But making drinking an everyday affair not only makes gulp too many extra calories but also has effects on liver and heart.

Sedentary lifestyle: While our lifestyle has changed and we do majority things seated at one place, it too tends to affect our health. Some form of physical exercise is necessary to keep our body healthy.

Snacking on fast food too often: Though we all have craving for burgers, pizza, pasta, but that needs to be checked and balanced. Fast food contains trans and unsaturated fat that is not at all healthy for our heart. Our body not only puts on weight and but becomes hosts to many diseases.

Taking too many medicines: Gulping a medicine for each and every minor ailment to invites dangers. Every medicine does have a side effect which we overlook. One should only take medicine when advised by a doctor.

Unintentionally you are causing harm to your health. Avoid these habits at the earliest. Your health is not just important to you but your near and dear ones also. Take away the habits from your life before these habits take away your health from your life. Sometimes giving away is good, like these habits. Shun them!


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