7 low calorie foods to Boost Your Weight Loss efforts

Fresh fruits for healthy living

Food is not everything about calorie and nutrients. Basically it is about how you feel after eating that food. If you feel happy and energetic then that food is good for you. You should not feel heavy, drousy or lethargic to do your job. Search food is really not good for you. Here are 10 low calorie foods which provide unit of energy and I worked for your weight loss:

  1. Skinless chicken: Chicken is rich in saturated fat, many people consider it as an healthy food. But if you can remove skin and fat portion of chicken, it is low in calorie. Just hundred Drums of chicken will provide you hundred and 10 calories. At the same time it is rich in vitamins suggest B12, minerals like Iron and protein. Next time make sure that is select skinless chicken.
  2. Fish and seafood: There again rich in fat. The contain good fatty acids. Vegetarian readily get these fatty acids from food sources. Hundred Drums of Salman will provide you just 116 calories. But it will fulfill your requirement for Omega 3 fatty acid. Which nutrient is very essential for your mental and brain health. Make sure you follow healthy cooking method to retain these health benefits.
  3. Vegetables like cucumber, radish, Lauki: Which vegetables are actually considered as negative calorie food. What does it mean? It mean when we eat these vegetables, they use some stored energy to digest and metabolized. So, it actually helps you in using stored energy. Vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, Cauliflower, all gourd veggies are low on calories.
  4. Spinach and fugue really few vegetables: There rich in vitamins like B complex vitamins minerals- like Manganese and K. These nutrients improve digestion. Also support energy production in our body. Hundred grams of green leafy vegetables provide you hardly 20-23 calories.
  5. Puffed cereals: Puffed cereals like puffed rice murmura, puffed Jawar, Bajara are low really low on calorie. They help you feel full and service good snacks.
  6. Skim milk and low fat yoghurt: One cup of skimmed milk will provide you less than 100 Kcal. Yoghurt and Milk products are good for bone. There also rich in proteins. Make sure you make them part of your daily snacks.
  7. Non salted Nuts: Nuts like almond, walnut, flax seeds pumpkin seeds are beneficial. They help you get essential fatty acids. Provide proteins and minerals.

Considered is commonly available calorie food in your daily diet.

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