7 Processed Foods Which Negatively Affect Your Health Without Knowing

To lead a healthy life you need to follow a simple rule – Eat natural food as much as you can. Following this simple thing will ease out your burden. But problem comes when tasty, beautiful and attractive processed food is served in front of us. We cannot say no to it.

Processed food has made our life easy. We do not need to spend time on cooking. But it comes with a cost. Added chemicals, preservative, colours are harmful for our health. at the same time these processed foods are loaded 3 nutrients – SALT, SUGAR & FAT. You look at any of your favorite food it is loaded either with salt or sugar. Fat is usually common thing. Thats why I ways say learn to read nutritional label on the food product.

Here are 7 processed food items which we use on daily basis and they are misleading us. Make sure you read about them and make wise choice:

  1. high fiber biscuits – In my daily practice have seen so many people rely on high fiber biscuits. Their choices are a result of advertisements. Before relating to advertisement read the nutritional label of the product. High fiber biscuit must provide you >5gm fiber per 100 grm. If your product claims that then only go for it. At the same time – it should not contain fat more than 5 grams per 100 gram serving.
  2. Vegetarian No cholesterol butter – Another myth is about no cholesterol butter. milk and all animal products contain cholesterol. Any vegetable oil does not contain cholesterol. Butter made with oil undergoes hydrogenation process. This creates trans fatty acids. These trans fatty acids lead to cancer, heart disease etc. So, you can take normal butter but in limited amount. How you can take – that depends. Discuss with your nutritionist about it.
  3. Ketch ups and sauces – They are mostly loaded with sodium, preservatives, salt and sugar. It is best to avoid these as far as possible.
  4. Cheese – This is most controversial thing. Kids eat cheese as they want. Parents feel it is made up of milk – its good for my child. But its not like that. Cheese contains added salt and fat. Eating cheese for longer duration can affect your weight.
  5. High fiber or Brown bread – quality of brown bread we get in India is not very good. Brown bread must provide more than 6 gram fiber. Then it is advisable. Other wise best to avoid.
  6. Diet namkeen – Yes snaking is acceptable. but in limited quantity. Before selecting any product under the category of Diet make sure it is not fried, has less fat +sugar + Salt.
  7. Multi grain Ata – This ata is widely used in household. Be sure about its ingredients. Some objectionable ingredients it can have it Chana and soybean. every person in family has different digestion capacity. Replace chana with moong dal ata. Soybean is not good for men. Also it must be soaked or roated before eating. Make sure your vendor follows this.

Above are commonly used food items in our household. Even we use it for health purpose, in reality tey are not that helpful to us. To know more you can ping us on whats app – 9205128280


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