7 Reasons To Include Fish Oil In Daily Routine


Fish oil is extracted from oily fish. You must have heard about importance of fish oil. What do you choose over supplements? Do choose eating fish or taking supplements? This discussion will help you make wise decision.

Fatty fish contains good fatty acids. They contain 30% fats. Fat soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A and Dis abundant in fish. Fish varieties such as tuna, herring, sardines, mackerel are ideal for healthy living.

Cod liver oil supplements are easily available. But there is a difference in fish oil and cod liver oil. Basically its composition and benefits very. You will see important benefit after consuming fish oil is stress management and mental function. It also helps in curing sleep related issues. You can try fish oil supplements for 2 months. Observe the changes and continue your supplements.

Here are 7 important health benefits of fish oil:

health benefits of fish oil

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