7 Ways To Improve Your Green Tea Taste

green tea

Green is commonly consumed as part of healthy diet. Many people fin id it difficult to get used to its taste at beginning. This health tea is loaded with anti aging properties. Green helps in boosting metabolism. It is also know to improve your skin glow and over all health.

When i got bored with my daily green tea, tried and tested few variations. Sharing these 7 ways to improve your green tea taste. Do try and let us know in comments:

  1. Green tea with slice of lemon: – with this raising mercury you must add piece of lemon to your tea. Simply add tea bag to hot water. Put one or two lemon slices. Let it settle down and then enjoy refreshing drink. This drink is best suited for afternoon or evening time. You can also refrigerate it and then enjoy.
  2. Orange + Ginger flavored tea: – boil cup of water with 2 pieces of ginger. Let it cool down. Add 2 slices of orange and green tea bag. Keep it in refrigerator. drink while it is chilled. You can also add one spoon honey for taste.
  3. Apple + Mint Tea: – Make this summer tangy tea with mint and apple. Boil water and add tea leaves. Cover for 3 mins and strain it. Add some ice cubes in a cup. Pour green tea, add apple slices and mint leaves.
  4. Green tea with coconut water: – Combine refreshing coconut water with green tea. Make green tea with half cup water and cover for 4 mins. Once it is cooled down mix coconut water and green tea together. This refreshing drink is apt during summer time. Help you to satisfy thirst and energy.
  5.  Mix fruit juice with green tea: – Simply make your fresh fruits juice and mix with green tea. You can refrigerate it for better taste. You can add pinch of rock salt for taste.
  6. Green tea with blue berry smoothie: – Mix blue berries, curd 1/2 cup and chia seeds soaked. Make smoothie with it. Mix green tea (half cup water with 1 tea bag) and refrigerate it. Serve this healthy smoothie chilled.
  7. Tulsi green tea: – Add few tulsi leaves to boiling water. Add green tea leaves and cover for 5 mins. Strain it and serve while it is luke warm.

Let us know how do you find these quick recipes. Share your variations with us.

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