360CompleteLviing is a health blog which focuses mainly on healthy lifestyle, eating healthy food, exercise. meditation, yoga, etc. I am Divya Mahajan a Delhi based Dietitian is working on this blog. Health and Nutrition is integral part of life and I believe sharing information with people who are keen to bring that change in life. I am on a mission to make this nation healthy and thus wealthy. In todays time lifestyle has changed a lot and things we are lest bothered about bringing this change to make our lives lively. I love talking with people about fitness, exercises, diet and nutrition, home remedies, Ayurved etc. Being healthy is not one day game or weaks tasks, its lifestyle modification and living rest of the life with it. If you want to know how to do that get in touch with me after filling this form.

As a healthcare professional blogging was new to me but started writing on free blogs few yrs back. It is a best platform to share your knowledge and make use of your experience. We have so many small and big learning in our day-to-day life. Sharing with others makes it helpful and useful.

Daily you can get health updates, information and motivation for your weight loss efforts, diabetes control and management, hypertension, elderly care or child health etc…Do fill up this form and i will get in touch with you personally.

Believe me in this technology driven time you do not have to sit back and wait for the help to arrive, it is at your finger tips. Use this moment and bring those desired changes to your life.

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