Attention Consumers! Don’t grab a can of aerated beverage until you read this!

effect of beverages

How do you celebrate your parties?? May it be on weekend, Friday Birthdays, promotion or just a celebration…I am sure it is incomplete without a bottle of cold drink. We all love taking sip of beverage along with piece of pizza  or any other junk food which is inevitable part of celebrations. But have you ever thought about its effect on our health?  Pharmacists Niraj Naik has studied effect of the cola aerated beverage on human body and was stunned after learning these effects.

There are many people who work hard to keep off the weight and stay slim and trim but are still gaining weight, what could be the hidden cause – he started his findings with this thought and came upto this conclusion.  He has given this information on . I am sure you better read it in details before grabbing your can of aerated beverage:effect of beverages

 Initial 10 mins:

These beverages contains excess calories or experts say it is empty calorie. This is because of sugar content. Aerated cola beverages contain 50 gms or 10 spoons of sugar. (This is your 100% daily allowance for sugar). After consuming one normal serving of beverage, sugar is released in blood in initial 10 mins.

Upto 20 mins:

Human body is a chemical factory. It has series of reactions happening. As soon as sugar levels in the blood increase hormone insulin is secreted. Liver also starts working to store this excess calorie as fat in the body.

Till 40 mins:

By this time caffeine present in cold drink starts working. It mainly works on adenosin receptors which makes person alert. This all results in dilated pupils and slight increase in blood pressure. This again results in secretion of sugar in blood stream.

By 45 mins:

By this time dopamine production in the body is increased. It stimulates pleasure center in human brain. Heroin consumption also results in similar kind of effect on our body.

More than 60 mins:

These beverages contain phosphoric acid. This acid interacts with minerals present in intestine. It binds with minerals such as calcium, magnesium etc. This has negative effect on bone and teeth.

This is the most adverse effect of beverages on our health. We do it repeatedly and purposefully. If people want to control health problem of obesity and heart diseases one must stay away from such harmful beverages. As experts always say – anything natural is best for health – synthetic and processed food comes with some health hazards. How are you going to let such beverages affect your health???


Divya Mahajan a practicing nutritionist based in New Delhi. Avid reader and blogger about healthy living, prevention wellness and diet. Nutrition is a integral part of life and one can bring positive changes with the help of right nutrition.

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