Breast Cancer Facts You Must Know

Today got a chance to be a part of Pink Prabhat Breast cancer awareness camp. This awareness camp was specially arranged to create buzz around breast cancer. This fun and fitness filled activity focused more on Healthy Diet, Fitness, Positivity and how self awareness can help you prevent breast cancer. Here are few take aways and facts about breast cancer which one must know:

  • Breast cancer can affect anyone – men and women. It is seen in females with age 30+ yrs.
  • It can also affect me. This means its not only women specific disease and they also need to be careful. 
  • 8 women out of 10 who have breast cancer do not have family history for this condition. It means you just cannot be relaxed if you do not have family history for breast cancer. 
  • Women aged above 55 yrs have increased risk for breast cancer. 
  • Mammography is the radiological test which is used to diagnose breast cancer. It basically helps in early diagnosis of breast cancer. 
  • In many cases self examination has helped women in detecting breast cancer. 
  • Experts suggest quitting smoking and regular exercise helps you in reducing risk for cancer. 
  • 1.5 lack women are diagnosed with breast cancer and this is just due to unawareness. 

What you can do to Prevent breast cancer?

  • As you know first step to prevent cancer is to keep fit lifestyle. Avoid high saturated fat and trans fatty acids. 
  • Be active through out the day . Being physically active helps you in reducing cancer risk. 
  • Keep your weight close to your ideal body weight. Cancer prevention is one of the major benefit of weight loss. 
  • In case of females breast feeding helps them in reducing the risk. it will not prevent but reduces the risk. 
  • Consuming birth control pills increases risk for breast cancer. 
  • for females between 40-45 start doing mamograph. 
    • for the age of 45-55 yrs females mamograph is recommended every year.
    • above 55 yrs of age you can do alternate year or year based on your risk factors. 


To be cautious is in our hand. Best we can treat our body is with nutritious food, regualr activity and positive thoughts.

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