Do you make these common dieting mistakes?

dieting mistakes

In every 10 people 4 claim to be on diet to lose weight or to manage blood sugar. In today’s time there is lot of information available on dieting and living healthy life. But still we do some mistakes in daily eating pattern and dieting. Healthy living is always associated with dieting. According to you what is dieting? Is it following low carb diet, high protein diet or a blood group diet plan? It is none of these. Dieting is consuming food based on your personalized requirements. Every person has unique requirements. Although we have recommended daily nutrient values, it can vary at individual level. dieting mistakes

Here are common dieting mistakes which can be corrected:

  • I do not believe on dieting: If you are one of those who tried losing weight many times with exercise or diet, but failed – you can feel that it does not work. We need to understand that our body get in to comfort zone very easily. We need to challenge our body to go to next level. It can be in terms of diet or exercise. If you are doing similar kind of exercise for yrs – you may not get results (to lose weight).  Your body gets used to that exercise. Similar way you need to adjust your diet based on your exercise pattern. To get results talk with experts once and plan your road map. It will help you for sure.
  • Low carb diet helps in losing weight: – This is the most common concept I come across. People say i am on low carb diet, but do you know low means how much carbs do you need?? Instead of reducing carbohydrates from diet, one must focus on controlling simple carbs such as desserts, refined flour, sugar etc. Include high fiber carbs such as whole wheat, bran, fibrous fruits and vegetables etc.
  • Only fruit and vegetables on diet: Skipping meals, not eating food (cereals – pulses / non veg) will gain your weight. Do not rely on only fruit diet for more than 3 days. If you are planning to do detox or very low calorie diet do discuss with doctors. They will guide and observe you. In regular diet fresh fruits and vegetables should be present. Make sure you consume 2-3 fresh fruits and 3-4 servings of vegetables every day. One common tip which helps my clients is to start meal with bowl of salad or fruit. Consume some papaya for breakfast, green salad for lunch and sprouts salad for dinner. Start your meal with this salad and then go for remaining food.
  • Consume regular supplements: – Have seen many people who feel proud to be dependent on supplements. Yes supplements are required, but before staring any supplement check your diet. Supplements are recommended in special cases such as pregnancy, menopause for women, old age, disability, health problem etc. Taking high protein supplements, multivitamin can be avoided. One can include rich sources of nutrients and compensate. But yes, after the age of 50 or 45 one may require to take supplements such as vitamin D etc.  Before starting any supplement, do discuss with your doctor.
  • No fats and oil in diet: Fat or oil is required by our body. There is a type of fat which is not synthesized in body so needs to provided by diet. Make sure you restrict fried food, excess oil in cooking but also include nuts such as almonds, walnuts, pistachios, flax seeds in diet to get essential fatty acids. Including these things in diet will boost mood, concentration levels and skin health.

These are few of the dieting mistakes commonly done by all of us. Will come up again with few more dieting mistakes of myths. Let me know if you have anything to ask??

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