Healthy grocery list

grocery shopping

in today’s time we all are flooded with lots of information. every product company is claiming that our product is goof, imparts health benefits etc. Among this ocean of information do you also get lost and make wrong food choices? If yes, then it is affecting your health in long run. simple example is a ‘Diet” aerated drinks are preferred by many people but they are hardly aware that it most harmful to health than normal aerated shopping

Here are top points to consider while making your grocery shopping most healthy and pocket friendly:

  • List out the food items you need to purchase – make this habit to list out the things which you need. In supermarket we tend to buy things which are less essential for us. Your shopping can be more sensible than ever.
  • Start shopping with food groups listed – give more importance to whole cereals and products that processed food.
  • Know basics about Nutrition value label on the products – You must know which things you need to focus while purchasing processed food products. Know what are daily value, % nutrients, trans fatty acids etc.
  • In bakery products look for 5% and above fiber content products. Anything which provides less than 5% fiber is not good for your gut.healthy grocery
  • Check out for natural juices and drink mix rather than carbonated drinks. Carbonated drinks provide empty calories which comes from simple sugar. This simple sugar is reason behind your bulging belly. So, limit your carbonated drinks consumption.
  • Always eat some snacks before your shopping time. This will reduce chances of over eating or junk food consumption while you are in super market.

Hope these simple tips help you in making your shopping more healthy and wealthy! Share few of your tips which you follow!