Healthy Porridge Recipes

healthy porridge recipe

Its time for winter  and we are all set to enjoy cozy, warm season. Winter is a season you get good quality of fresh fruits and vegetables. This is the time of the year you pamper yourself with rich healthy food. Almonds, walnuts and ghee is specially present in cooking. And don’t worry its worth. You need those nutrients.

You know, your body will not be harmed with these natural foods. Processed food loaded with sugar, fat and refined flour is harmful. 

So, to help you be prepared with the season I have few healthy porridge recipes. These porridges are best suited for your breakfast, you can also place in between meals or have whenever you feel hungry.


  1. Dalia almonds porridge: -our traditional dalia or broken cooked with a twist. You need to soak dalia in water for 1 hour. Also soak handful of almonds separately. Pressure cook dalia. Then mix with glass of milk and add top it with raising and soaked almonds. Your healthy and nutritious porridge is ready. In market you also get broken oats. (not Quaker one, you need to ask for broken oats) . Replace regular dalia with these oats.
  2. Quinoa porridge: – You need to mix up quinoa with oats and cook your porridge. Add pinch of cinnamon and one spoon honey for sweetness. This porridge is rich in proteins. You can also use almond milk or soy milk based on your requirement.
  3. Apple wheat flakes porridge: wheat flakes or muesli is a regular item for breakfast. You simply need to add grated apple and chia seeds to your porridge. This makes it nutritious and delicious. Apples are sweet in taste and you might not need to add anything other sweetening agent.
  4. Ragi porridge: ragi porridge is commonly taken in southern India. Ragi is red colored millet. It’s rich in iron and calcium. Ragi flour or Ragi malt is healthy. Mix spoonful of ragi with water and cook for 5-7 mins. Once it is cooled you can add curd or buttermilk along with salt and jeera powder.
  5. Chia seeds apple porridge: – Chia seeds are healthy – you know it! Soak them in water over night. Mix in 1 cup water and boil for 3-4 mins. Let it cool down. Add apple and berries pieces and enjoy your healthy porridge.

Try these and let us know how do you find it!


i am Divya working healthcare professional, a mother and musician who loves helping people find ways for healthy living, relationships, career choices, Fitness and physical health etc . Living healthy life and finding ways to make it happening in today's life is what i help doing people. Thank you for visiting my blog and stay tuned!

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